Daytime UFO video filmed in United States 26-Jul-2012

UFO videos – This daytime footage of unknown bright object hovering above USA was recorded on Thursday, 26th July 2012.
More info about the exact location to come soon!
Witness report: Story – went out to film the moon. Noticed bright object over moon and thought it a little odd but wrote it off as a star. You know that voice that bugs you about something, saying “that’s not right”? Well it was screaming at me so I pointed the camera up and there begins the video. The helicopter showed up literally as I was walking away from filming this. Why did it stand out? Because the same (or same type) of helo showed up within 2 hours of me posting the video about the I-495 “chase” a while back. Lends itself to plenty of eerie possibilities, but nothing conclusive of course ; )
Author (wowforreeel @ youtube)

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  1. Moving so slow – we are not sure it&#39;s moving..<br /><br />If he had not had a tripod we would probably not have seen it move.<br /><br />And if there had been stars – It would have looked just like a star.<br /><br />TRIPOD POWER!!

  2. maybe the planet nibiru everyones talking about.dont like the video because you never show the moon then the object,as so nothing to compare it to.maybe a star and helicopter pilot if so knew about it,just stay stationary instead of going after it.could be good footage but to many red flags.

  3. Since I am a born and bred Long Islander, now living in the Midwest, I would like to know if you are referring to I 495 on Long Island, NY? I sure looks like it and one can see some of Mac Arthur Apt. from the Expressway. Thus the chopper.

  4. First i want to say i like your approach and what you are saying in the vid! Its not you go crazy and wow wow wow this is a UFO! but rather you describe what you see without any conclusions. Nice video! <br /><br />And a tip for eveyone who are filming or looking at the sky and happen to own a smart phone there are some apps with star maps. I dont want to promote anything here but there are some

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