V-shaped UFO flying above Sydney, Australia 24-Jul-2012

UFO sightings – This video of huge V-shaped object flying across the sky above Sydney in Australia was recorded on Tuesday, 24th July 2012.

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  1. you could see the left side break up as if to say big birds flying in formation.to bad to sad,not a ufo my friend.lol.

  2. No con trail, and at a rather incredible height. Looks genuine, plus, it goes for seven minutes, most posts are 60-90 seconds, and no shaking. I have seen some fairly unbelievable stuff on this site with more people saying real, than they have for this clip…………

  3. Why is this video all chopped up? Why edit the sighting into pieces? <br /> I&#39;m gonna say fake just because the editing is unnecessarily overdone.<br />There are enough people fakeing videos out there making it even harder to prove something genuine. If you do happen to record a genuine artifact don&#39;t destroy it ( and your rep ) by chopping the video up. Lame. Two thumbs down.

  4. watch video @5min 46seconds the ufo object spits something out of it and moments later you see a object pass by the camera lens i still framed on watch it your comments please this is real not fake.the ufo spotted the guy filming creepy

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