TV report about UFO activity filmed over Michigan 10-Jul-2012

On Tuesday, 10th July 2012, residents in several towns across northern Michigan witnessed a massive fleet of UFO orbs hovering in the night sky. The military has claimed the lights were flares being used in a training exercise. This is a ridiculous explanation of course since the orbs never descended to the ground and maintained a precise formation. 
One of the witnesses said:
“It looked like it was coming straight towards us in the sky, and once it changed directions, that was the odd part, that it changed it’s course.”
Flares don’t changed course. These orbs are obviously intelligently controlled. Not flares.

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  1. naw, first fact is military aircraft isn't dropping flares durint the daytime when these things are being seen..and I'm pretty sure the witnesses would have reported hearing the when the news lady says " is it alien? is it a bird is it a plan, no its underdog" get real..

  2. I have lived near an air base for years and watched the sky.I have seen some things,but never jets dropping flairs right over residential areas,they just don`t do that here they have a test range for that.<br />It seems strange when flairs are dropped over places like Phoenix and other places like these in MI..Not so strange if there is a testing range for a base that can be seen from these

  3. Keep an open mind, it could honestly be anything. Besides, we are in the middle of the universe, anything can happen.

  4. people quite calling 911 when you see strange things in the sky. what do you think the police are going to do for you?

    • &quot;Freeze, drop the phaser and assume the position on the spaceship.&quot; People as conditioned to such an extent that 911 is the grail of help and all seeing knowledge. I expect most folks feel once the word is on the wire proper authorities will be advised. 911 is the access point for the public. Police are considered trained observers. Who else will one call to qualify whatever they are

  5. Um, I&#39;m pretty sure alien races DO possess the technology to become invisible at will. Otherwise, how in the hell do you explain away the part where they simply disappear right in front of your eyes? Do you think that they just blew themselves up or something? I don&#39;t think so. Besides, let&#39;s say that these lights are some sort of military test crafts are you then prepared to announce

  6. I hate it when the fucking news channels make a mockery of these topics, like its some sort of fucking joke. And whats with the fucking military and flares all about. How many times are they gonna keep using this poor excuse for strange lights in the sky. We all know what flares look like and if it was jets we would hear them. People need to realise we aint alone in the universe and &quot;UFOS&

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