UFO activity filmed over France 17-Jul-2012

UFO news – This video of unknown lights hovering in the sky above France was recorded on Tuesday, 17th July 2012.

Witness report: I filmed the UFO from my patio at 17/07/2012 4:03 AM. At first I only saw the two big bright spots .. If you see ​​carefuly, there is a tiny point in the middle and on the right of two balls that flash slightly from 18 sec (it is super fast and discreet, It looks like a signal light aircraft) actually I’ve noticed that in reviewing it that it looks strange …. which leads us to assume that if it is a triangular craft then it is really awesome.
Author (UltraUfoChannel @ youtube)

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  1. Personal message to the man who filmed it: I'm french too, I live in Paris, and during the night of the 16th of july, around 4.am, I've experienced something strange that could be related to your movie: my window was open and I have heard very clearely and loudly, a music coming from outside, which was very similar to the one in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

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