UFO photographed over New Orleans, Louisiana 19-Jul-2012

Submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net by: J Wood at 2012-07-20
Sighting location: New Orleans, French Quarter
Date: 6:30 am 07-19-2012
This is my story. Happened to me yesterday. I am just now getting to spread the word.
Whats in that picture is the craft flying away from Me. Within a couple seconds it went from about 1,000 feet up to what looks like about 5,000 feet up.
I was walking through the French Quarter at about 6:30 am. I looked up saw/ heard a passenger jet fly over. I recognized its shape and saw its blinking navigation lights immediately as i have seen many hundreds of air craft before it. I’ve always been able to identify every single craft i’ve ever witnessed in the air.
I’m an air force brat, born and raised spent my life studying jets, planes and all things in the air. plus ‘always known about UFOs, seen pictures, heard stories been a fan of Science Fiction since i was old enough to read and learn about the universe at large. what happened yesterday morning was nothing like i’ve ever seen or even thought i would ever see. It was like something out of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, accept FUCKING REAL.
It looked like very, very bright, orange headlights at first on a slow moving helicopter that hovered to a stop in the middle of my point of view. It was in the middle of the street about 1 mile away and about 500-1000 feet up. It came to a stop when i stopped in the middle of the street. I looked at it and thought what is that, i can’t see the shape of the air craft due to the almost blinding brightness of the orange lights. Now, It reminded me of the feeling of being under a spotlight. the same light in your eyes a DJ might feel on stage in front of 30,000 people. A blinding light.
After a couple seconds of trying to see the shape of the craft, it looked like it was fading and going up into the sky so i grabbed my camera took the photo and it was gone.
‘should also mention that as a kid, in 1980, i lived at RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall UK. I was there during the Rendelsham Forest Indecent and we heard rumors of UFOs. Rendlesham Forest incident – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Perhaps that’s where all this started.
The craft was low enough to look like some kind of big hovering mass i couldn’t even tell what shape it was due to the brightness of the light shining on me as tho i was under an extremely bright spotlight. I grabbed the camera too the pic and it vanished.
Sorry gentleman, something extraordinary and life changing has happened to me. Yesterday i experienced what i’ve explained here. Something wonderful, unexplainable and … after some thought, something i was ready for. I’ve been preparing since i was old enough to read.
So Naysay what you will, too bad you weren’t here with me at my side to see what i saw. you CAN see the picture i took. You see those three lights ? I’ve just told you where they came from, what it looked like up close as they shined a laser or spotlight on me and that’s what it looks like as it speeds away into the sky at about 10,000 miles an hour. I’m an artist and musician who is creative in many ways, however i’m not creative nor skilled enough to make this up.
If you doubt, me, go ahead. You’re free to. But you’ll be denying something real and is poss the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. So go out there ever day bring your camera and get ready because if you are open to it, they will give you a hand and bring you into the future with me.
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  1. We saw something similar in Kenner, La on July 14th, it was 6 lights, than turned to 4. It seemed to be making symbols in the air. It was truly amazing. I took a picture with my phone but it was after the lights had faded some. A friend of mine enhanced the picture and I can email it to you if you'd like.

    • Can I email it to you and you post it? I am having trouble. Remember, the photo is enhanced..the picture was taken with a cell phone. The lights look like stars in the picture but not in person.

  2. Approx. 11pm on the same day (19th) I saw 1 of those yellow/orange balls over North Texas. Sadly I do not have any pix or video of it.

  3. vhttp://i.imgur.com/B1lX4.jpg <— i just made this. thats what it looked like just before the craft lept into the sky. – J

  4. In 2008 i had almost the same expirience. The UFO i saw with four witnesses was much lower above our house. I live in Holland/Europe and you can see my adhanced pictures and my story about this on this page: http://note.punt.nl<br />If you look at the pictures you can nearly see some alien looking figures in it.

  5. Well I saw a UFO while out in the Sonoran Desert outside of Tucson in 2006. I looked up in the sky cause I heard a loud fighter jet flying really low across the desert, then suddenly noticed a completely silent, glowing silver/white oval shaped craft tailing the jet. This whole incident only took a few seconds and by the time I got my phone out and tried to snap a pic, it was all gone. Yes, UFO&#

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