UFOs or satellites over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? 29-Jun-2012

UFO videos – These unknown objects were slowly flying above Myrtle Beach in South Carolina on 29th June 2012.
Witness report: Filmed at Myrtle Beach, 14th floor hotel room, SC on ‎Friday, ‎June ‎29, ‎2012, ‏‎4:06:18 AM. Using 3rd Gen NVG’s. Address was 7100 North Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC.

I recorded at least 7 different objects including a set of twins “somethings” during this video. They all appeared to be moving in different directions and speeds. Although none of the objects change direction or stopped (except when I pivoted the camera) it’s important to know that I checked GoSatWatch and Star Walk to see if any of these objects could be known satellites and found that only object #6 was identified as an iridium satellite. The rest could be Government satellites or from satellites from other countries. I have seen hundreds of documented satellites before traveling between 5,000-18,000 mph and the twin objects appear to be traveling slower than 5k mph for some reason…

Keep your eye on the twin objects. They start out at relativity close and then in a few short seconds they are already pulling apart from each other.

To summarize: What ever these twin objects were they started out very close to each other, pulled apart and then closed the gap back up.

In my opinion there must be some intelligence going on!

Author (RaleighUFO @ youtube)

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  1. You've impressed the hell outta me. #1 pointer works well. #2 You actually mentioned an Irdium flare, hav'nt heard that too often. Certainly the case on this site. #3 Good camera work, took the time to indcate and mark comparitive targets. #4 I saw similar objects in 1977 only more of them travelling in large circles. Looked very much the same through the binos I was using.

  2. Some satelights move faster than others that is why the gap is getting bigger and they dont always go in the same direction. Whats up with the Hermin Munster music? Way to long to be watching satelights. want to catch my attention, it has to make a mindful change in direction during flight. Music Sucks !!!!

    • I did. What moves that fast? Could it have been a shooting star? But wouldn't a shooting star leave a contrail?

  3. On the video at 5:16-5:19 the craft at bottom at screen flys away, the guy with the lazer pointer is calling more of them , use moris code in flashing ur pointer at these objects , more will come.

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