Interesting video of UFO formation above Sydney, Australia 25-Aug-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This video of unknown objects in some kind of formation, flying across the sky above Sydney in Australia, was recorded on Saturday, 25th August 2012 around 2 pm.

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  1. more proof of ets alien controlled craft there getting spotted more & more daily .if there assumed to be 57 different types of aliens would our governments know what types of crafts each aliens used or is my question just plain awkward .

  2. Absolutely brilliant, thats what i have been waiting to see, ….fantistic….<br />love and light to you all…..

  3. holy cow absolutely amazing! i have seen this in san jose california. However, the orbs looked like they would fuse and un-fuse somehow. I damn near crapped myself when i saw that. watching this video absolutely gives me the chills.

    • You&#39;re right! Despite the fact that each orb had little flapping wings and moved in the manner and formation of earth creatures called &#39;birds&#39; I now change my mind and believe this to be a machine from another star system of a military craft.<br />Now I&#39;m not an idiot. Phew….

  4. Hey! Anonymous Aug, 26th at 6:15pm. If someone has a legitimate ufo video why would they even want to post it when there are people like you that would immediatly call it a fake and then call other people idiots. Maybe you need to find a different website to visit. Let us enjoy this one.

  5. Why is it that with all the high quality digital cameras around these days that we still get crap recordings like this. Makes me think they are all fake and use the pixelation to cover up their bad editing.

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