UFO caught on tape over Achalm castle in Reutlingen, Germany 18-Aug-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting video of a possible unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above Achalm castle in Reutlingen, Germany (Google Maps) was recorded on Saturday, 18th August 2012.

This video contains clips from four different witnesses. What do you think about this sighting? Real deal or a CGI (computer-generated imagery)? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. Watching this over and over, it&#39;s amazing at how fast this craft moves, definitely not military or a machine known to us.<br />Got to say this is one real unidentified craft. Baffling.

  2. The more real it looks the less people will believe it. Even if it&#39;s 100% real HD awesomeness, or 4 views like this. Someone will think it&#39;s fake. Even if someone was next to the freaking UFO filming it, it&#39;s &quot;fake&quot;. But one day everyone will know the truth, all at once.

    • I agree 110% with you my friend. I always look for hidden clues in the behave of the UFO to see if it is real or not. I discovered this clues after reading and seeing thousands of cases through the years, since 1992. J. M.

  3. One thing I noticed is the camera &quot;shake&quot;. Watch it again and notice the movement seems very mechanical, no vibrating or sudden movements. It seems to move strait, change direction, move strait and so on. Real camera movement is notoriously hard to compensate for in a fake so the shot was filmed stationary and the &quot;shake&quot; was added later.

  4. fake never seen a more silly looking ufo definately cgi sorry to bizarre to even resemble any ufo ever put on U.F.O. SIGHTINGS. peoople worldwide know the truth its our governments who won.t come out &amp; admit the worlds run by various alien type species has been since beginning of mankind .

  5. I agree with Snoxie. Seems like anytime you get video that is clear or in the daylight you get the close minded people who automatically yell &quot;Fake&quot;! So go ahead you non-believers, let&#39;s hear it!!

  6. you guys gotta be kidding me. this is fake as hell. im sorry to say but you can honestly tell its fake. i cant beleive theirs more dumbasses like snoxie.

  7. what will you all say once its confirmed fake. act like you never said what you said? forget about it?. come on people its clearly fake. might as well agree or look stupid in the long run. i want to see ufos/aliens ect. but ill wait til its right in front of me. time to time ill see orbs some as low as the tree lines and their was only one time where i actualy saw a saucer ufo.

  8. It feels fake. <br /><br />The shakes are suspicious and what is the possibility of so many cameras on one object?<br /><br />Why do people want to put up so much baloney? Is this a disinformation campaign to discredit more credible footage?

  9. Sorry to say but I like what Snoxie writes.<br />There will never be amatuer footage that will satisfy skeptics.<br />And, who knows, theze days cgi is everywhere – impossible for the<br />average person to discern what is, and what is not real.

  10. Anonymous at 5.38 pm I&#39;m with you on this one. In my opinion this is a fake, such a shame that some people waste our time with crap like this. Yes, I believe that there is something going on &#39;out there&#39; but this I&#39;m afraid is most def a hoax.

  11. most video&#39;s posted here seem pretty real and I&#39;m a firm believer that we are not alone. But I&#39;m not sold with this one because the sound is all the same. Listen carefully, we can here that little motor bike and the bus in all of them. Sorry 🙁 Also, I don&#39;t think these people got their cam&#39;s out and filmed all at the same time and length of time.

  12. I just want to say that this is Liquid Mercury Technology used in the TR-3b PROJECT by our govt in thousands of craft now. The technology was first stolen from Hitler who got it from the aliens during his expidition to Antarctica. He was a fool and used the energy source as a weapon called Foo-Fighters during world war II and now we use it as a Warp drive as it were for faster than the speed of

  13. The first vid def moved very strange, i have never seen someone filming that moved the camera like that.I too, was wondering why 4 people would be filming the same mountain at the same time, unless they all saw the craft and started filming. #4 didn&#39;t seem to notice it until it rose above the trees. As far as Sparky&#39;s comment about it being a &quot;silly looking&quot; UFO, well how do you

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