Strange UFO filmed over Palmira, Colombia 3-Aug-2012

Latest UFO sightings – Some kind of disc-shaped unidentified flying object was seen and recorded over Palmira in Colombia on Friday, 3rd August 2012.

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  1. Here a translation I found on utube about what&#39;s he sayin:<br /><br />he was very excited ..he curses a lot (out of excitement ) his wife seemed in awe ..he calls the kids and tells his wife to look how it pulsates and moves then he tells the mothership dont go dont go ..then he tell the dog dog go you are getting me out of focus ..then he says look at the way it turns ..then he says watch

    • That has to be the most spectatular show of lights seen in a long time. I just don&#39;t think he had the resources to fake the show. Some non believer please explain how this was done. Excellent footage..Thanks for sharing.

    • Have a tethered helium ballon, sling a toy with lots of lights underneath it. I&#39;m not saying that this is what it is, but you asked how it could be done.

  2. CIA illuminati adgenda, create a hoax with a lazer cannon from a satilite, debunking all other sightings…it&#39;s fake.

  3. couldnt understand spanish lingo weird looking ufo looks like disco lights might be a new type of ufo strange.never seen wan like that in the ufo sight.if it is good video if its not keep an open mind.

  4. Nice footage if real. I&#39;ve seen footage similar to this. Disc shaped objects have been reported to wobble about in an unstable fashion just like this one.<br />And Jesus a camera that actually focuses …..WOW.

  5. I wonder how long the UFO stayed in view and how did the UFO depart from view? Just curious, because the video Leonardo took was very outstanding in my opinion! It just left me with a wanting to know more about the sighting! Thanks for posting your encounter! Very amazing!

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