Australia: Secret UFO files released

The phenomenon about extraterrestrials came to light again in Australia as the National Archives released documents that contain reports about UFO sightings in the country.

The papers, called the “X Files,” reveal details of an event in the suburb of Mascot in Sydney, wherein unidentified radar contacts pushed two Royal Air Force Mirage jets to the second highest alert level on June 30, 1983. The contacts with UFOs were found to have tremendous speed that implied very high altitude.

Also included in the documents were reports of unknown circles that were seen in 1982 on Milo State at Adavale, Queensland. The site where these sightings happened were visited by a local police officer named Geoffrey Russell who said he saw an identified object that appeared to have a circular shape.

In July 1983, Robin Priebe, a dairy farmer in Queensland, reported to have seen a strange feature that was flying in the sky at 5:30 in the early morning. Priebe described that the object was changing its color gradually from bright red to white and was flying at an incredible speed.

Moreover, the X Files showed photographs of UFO sightings in May of 1983 in the boomtown of Bendigo. The Royal Australia Air Force (RAAF) said in an interim report that disc jockey Mike Evans took pictures of an unknown flying object after receiving calls from hundreds of witnesses.

National Archives online access director Zoe D’Arcy notes that most of the government agencies, including the RAAF, were baffled over the origin of the UFOs in the sky. Perhaps, their main concern is whether these disc-shaped objects indicate a threat to humans.
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  1. I bow down to you, Aussies and all of Australia- for the commendable task of U.F.O. disclosure! Thank You! (In May,1961,our whole Second Grade Class on the second story, saw two 20ft. tandem saucer craft emitting cloud vapor [like frozen metal in a warmer climate]. Going just above the houses, 5-10 mph. Turning after several blocks – in an "S" pattern.Fresno, California)

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