Anomaly at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea: Could It Be Related to UFO?

When an unusual object first found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, many thought that it could be a UFO that crashed into the sea between Finland and Sweden. Some even described the strange object similar to the Millennium Falcon from the movie “Star Wars.”

Despite wide UFO speculations about the object, hardly any media referred the object as UFO. This could be a relief because no single evidence was discovered to conclude that it was an unidentified flying object.

The origin of this anomaly puzzled most experts and some asked if this could be part of a Nazi secret anti-submarine device.

Anders Autellus, a retired Swedish submarine officer, speculated that the object deep in the ocean could be a structure utilized during World War II to purposely block submarine signals of Britain and Russia, according to a Russian newspaper Pravda.

Autellus mentioned in Swedish newspaper Expressen that large concrete structures were used as traps by Germans to give Soviet submarines difficulty in navigating in the Gulf of Finland during the war. These unique and huge steel structures reportedly designed to cause problems on submarine’s signal and radar.

Just this year, divers of June expedition to the bottom of the Baltic Sea reported malfunctions of their equipment when they were near the object or formation but no concrete evidence that the anomaly is the reason.

So, no one can prove that the object is a Nazi-related or just a simple glacial deposit formed on the sea floor.

The whole Baltic Sea thing started in June 2011 when captain of the Ocean Explorer, Peter Lindberg, together with his co-researcher, Dennis Asberg, discovered something strange 300 feet below the surface of the sea using side-scan sonar.

When report first came out about the circular object measuring 200 feet wide it made headlines especially it looked like the spacecraft in the movie “Star Wars.”

Lindberg and Asberg returned to the site a year after to explore further the anomaly and to take a closer look at it. They were interested on the cause of the viral stir, which could be a sonar glitches, a sunken ship of Russia, stone outcroppings, or a spaceship from extraterrestrials.

Videos and pictures of the object were taken and many described it just like a giant mushroom. Samples were taken to the surface for further examinations. Some of the materials were reportedly given to geology associate professor at Stockholm University, Volker Bruchert.

However, Lindberg and Asberg have also said that the samples they have given were not from the anomaly but were items around the object.

Contributing to yet another mysterious aspect to this entire Baltic Sea issue is the description given by Lindberg recently in an interview wherein he mentioned that the object has very unusual strange stair formations. He added that if the formations were constructed, they must have been created thousands of years ago before the Ice Age.

With all the unsolved mystery of the object beneath the Baltic Sea, it seems that nobody wants to sponsor another investigation, according to Lindberg.

Trailer for an upcoming documentary about the Baltic Sea anomaly. 

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  1. Just keep putting off investigations and releasing false reports until people lose interest. Then the aliens can go down there and get rid of it. It will go the way of all reports of strangeness…it will fade away into oblivion. Does anyone remember the stolen fighter jet in 1996(7) that "crashed in the Rocky Mountains"? The military photographed a small piece of wreckage (and I mean

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