Daytime UFO over Fort Lauderdale, Florida – October 2012

UFO videos – This daytime unidentified flying object was recorded in the daytime sky above Fort Lauderdale in Florida. The exact date is unknown, but this UFO sighting was probably recorded recently (in October 2012).

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  1. This is fascinating. Certainly not a plane or lantern of any kind. I'm baffled as to what this is.It would be handy to know how long it hovered and how it appeared and disappeared.

  2. This remarkable video shows enough to let you know what it is not.It is not a conventional helicopter, plane, or balloon. Flying Saucer- MAYBE! Thanks!

  3. Did you rest you hand on some steady object (car,wall,knee,..) when you zoomed in to keep the image more stable?<br />Zooming out to show the roof of a house was good reference point. thanks

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