UFO activity above Rotorua, New Zealand 8-Nov-2012

Rotorua UFO

Latest UFO sightings – New night time video of strange flashing object and orb flying across the sky above Rotorua in New Zealand. This was taken on Thursday, 8th November 2012.

Witness report: First Object recorded South after 1am & second Object recorded N.E after 12am, same night 8/11/2012.

Rotorua airport is very small, these are not planes !!, there is no planes in our skies after 9.30 pm

Author (Horsefarmer1000 @ youtube)

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  1. If it were a plane from your airport it wouldn't be so high up, it was probably from an Australian airport though, or an island close by, its true though that it is a UFO, it is an unidentified flying object.

  2. The first object is a satellite. Second, brighter object is probably a 'plane or helicopter. Rotoroa isn't as small or isolated as you're led to beleive. It's a busy tourist destination with an active night-life. They don't call it 'Roto-Vegas' for nothing!

  3. The night sky sure is pretty there…I tend to agree with the satellite and helicopter analysis…one thing though, try to slowly pan and search–I think you missed a couple of very interesting high flying objects…keep up the good work.

  4. Nothing to see here folks. <br />Pull a right angle turn or hit me with some explosive acceleration or just don&#39;t waste my MF time.<br />Sick of this night vision nothing.

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