New video of UFO activity at volcano Popocatépetl 15-Nov-2012

cigar UFO
Another interesting footage of cylindrical-shaped unidentified flying object that comes out of the UFO hotspot – volcano Popocatépetl in Mexico. This was taken on Thursday, 15th November 2012 at 3 am.

More UFO sightings from volcano Popocatépetl:
Vocano UFOs

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  1. Quite honestly — it seems to simply be a spew of lava straight into the air, if carefully watched you can see it form from the boiling lava below. Not too convincing, but we never know. -dc

  2. please, pleeease…weeks ago we saw another video from the same jocking source..and we were plenty of technical informations to say that was a again ?..same fancy things…?see since we will have such an high percentage of people convinced that an obviouslly fake video is instead legit, well , we will have really an hard time looking for the truth out there..if our research is

  3. Why would N.A.T.O appoint an ambasador for <br />Extra trestial relations? <br /><br />please people we are in the times of whats reality and <br /> what i like to call government brainwash <br />The truth IS out there but with all the scandle and politics <br /> we have corrupt our abilty to see the truth .. <br /><br /> <br />

    • A civilization that can travel vast distances in space and that are that advanced probably have solved how to create craft that can actually travel through matter, so the heat or the mass of the lava will not affect their ships at all. They have obviously solved the problem of G-forces and gravity, who knows just how advanced they really are.

  4. The time marker captures this huge UFO exiting the volcano in less than 3 seconds…one would imagine that at such velocity, the there would be a trail of volcanic smoke pulled upwards…like a smoking gun after a high velocity projectile had just exited the barrel…but then again who ever is manufacturing all this FAKE stuff must not think that there are others who are interested in the TRUTH…

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