VIDEO: UFOs or orbs flying over Orlando, Florida 11-Nov-2012

UFO video

This UFO video was recorded in the night sky over Orlando in Florida on Saturday, 11th November 2012 at 6:30 pm.

Witness report: 4 round orange red in color balls approx. 1500ft in air, in flight pattern of planes landing or taking off from OIA. Flew over my house. No sound emitted traveling 10 ft every 6 seconds. We saw approximately 10 of these balls. Started with two then 4 back to 2 and then 1 that flew over a plane looked like near miss. This was taken in front yard of house. Amateur video my daughter took could have been better but this was a spectacular sighting. Something not of this world IMO.

Author (Mitchell Dang @ youtube)

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  1. The same thing was seen here in ft. Myers, FL the same night and the night after there were about 20 here. Moving east to west. Almost in a strait line.

  2. amazing footage too quick too establish true identity of crafts whether new military technology or our ets again out observing our cities .

  3. I live near the airport and my husband and I saw them as well, 4 in a triangle shape, then to single orb's. All were moving east to west and in the opposite direction of airport traffic pattern's. It was Nov. 10th, Sat night at 6:30. Appeared in the east moved west and vanished into what appeared to be a dark cloud. The triangle was first and hovered before vanishing. It was low

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