Bright UFO hovering above Perthshire, Scotland – November 2012

A major UFO investigation is underway after a man filmed a mysterious oval-shaped object hovering over a forest.

Chef Adrian Musat, 40, was stunned when he saw the spooky white light floating over the woodland through his window at night.

He grabbed his video camera and recorded the mysterious light, before sending the tape off to supernatural investigators, the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA).

Adrian first saw the unexplained sight from his home at 7.30am on the morning of Bonfire Night before it reappeared 10 hours later.

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  1. i seen this on bbc news last night yet in the teletext this morning it sed it was a forestry halogen lamp on a pole or the end of a truck ? debunkers i say def an al;ien craft good video folks .

  2. not convincing..not enough background of any all cameras depending from the number of blades in the diaphragm turn very lighted objects into diamond shaped it looks like recorded from a tv..authors should give as much info possible bout their till now, I guess this one is just a fake

  3. I would like to see the camera man pull back and give some clear reference shots.<br />Interesting. The shape kind of reminds me of Japan Airlines incident although that object was the size of an aircraft carrier.

  4. Anytime you take videos of UFO&#39;s, you need to take pictures of the rooftops and tree lines to show your subject is in the sky. This could have been a Christmas tree ornament the way it was shown. We need to see proof. Thank you!

  5. this is probably the BEST evidence and detailed observation of any video out there, and yet, some of us debunk it. sorry to say that these same people, if ever so lucky as to see and touch one, will STILL say it is fake. the only fakeness is their truth. the truth to admit that they are observing us at this very moment. the sightings are coming more frequent. open your eyes to the sky.

  6. why? very good question. we can only guess.<br /> in my opinion, we are in the prehistoric stages of our existence. it should be asked of why WE are here. why?? i know the movie &quot;prometheus&quot; is just a sci-fi movie. but it has a very good theory. also, we must wonder the coincidence of said aliens having a near proximity of our own anatomical structure.<br />were we created in their

  7. enjoyed all the positive comments negative ones ive discarded as im scottish &amp; seen the footage on bbc news reporting scotland at 6.30pm it looked genuine to me but the next day on bbc teletext it said it was a light which was attached to a forestry vehicle is this too cover up the truth looks a typical ufo to me lots been filmed in skies over scotland &amp; all over america &amp; the world

  8. i googled forestry vehicle lights and saw not one that resembled the video object shape. another thing, if this is supposed to be a spotlight, why does it dim? a spot light turns off and on. also, if you look carefully, in the video you can see forms of clouds. plus no support arm holding the &quot;spotlight&quot;. it is clearly floating. this object dims and brightens exactly like other observed

  9. It is real. Aliens all over the Universe have been keeping a eye on us earthlings for thousands of years. Of course trying to get to know any of them has always been difficult.

  10. Anonymous said…<br />It is real. Aliens all over the Universe have been keeping a eye on us earthlings for thousands of years. Of course trying to get to know any of them has always been difficult.

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