Lake Ontario: An Underwater UFO Base?

One of the five Great Lakes of North America is believed to be an alien hideout as witnesses report UFOs diving into the lake’s sea floor. According to sources, Lake Ontario becomes an underwater base of UFOs that are continuously hovering over it.

Many have speculated that there are entrances on Lake Ontario where UFOs are either coming out of or diving into. The highest UFO activity is said to be located between Toronto and Oakville wherein the Lakeview Hydro-electric plant might have a connection why UFOs are often seen heading in the lake.

aliens lakeThe book “Underground Alien Bases” written by the author whose pen name is Commander X contains information given by eyewitnesses claiming that UFOs purposely dive into the lake. The book also shows photographs of unidentified flying objects over the lake. Also, the 1977 book “The Great Lakes Triangle,” by Jay Gourley, documents persistent disappearance of plans and ships around the Great Lakes which the author associated with strange aerial phenomena. However, this claim is rejected by skeptics observing that sudden massive storms are held responsible for the higher rate of disappearances.

On the other hand, videos or photographs showing vague details of UFOs or aliens are often presented as hoax just to attract attention or just to fuel alien phenomena. Nevertheless, UFO reports continue to exist even without strong proof or bases, retaining the belief that there could be possibly UFOs on Earth hiding.

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  1. I lived next to the Hydro plant when i was 11.Picking worms one night i watched a UFO over the plant and it covered the plant in size and all of a sudden it took off so fast that it was gone .One minute later two jets come in very low and went over the lake.This was at two am.

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