Lake Ontario: An Underwater UFO Base?

One of the five Great Lakes of North America is believed to be an alien hideout as witnesses report UFOs diving into the lake’s sea floor. According to sources, Lake Ontario becomes an underwater base of UFOs that are continuously hovering over it.

Many have speculated that there are entrances on Lake Ontario where UFOs are either coming out of or diving into. The highest UFO activity is said to be located between Toronto and Oakville wherein the Lakeview Hydro-electric plant might have a connection why UFOs are often seen heading in the lake.

aliens lakeThe book “Underground Alien Bases” written by the author whose pen name is Commander X contains information given by eyewitnesses claiming that UFOs purposely dive into the lake. The book also shows photographs of unidentified flying objects over the lake. Also, the 1977 book “The Great Lakes Triangle,” by Jay Gourley, documents persistent disappearance of plans and ships around the Great Lakes which the author associated with strange aerial phenomena. However, this claim is rejected by skeptics observing that sudden massive storms are held responsible for the higher rate of disappearances.

On the other hand, videos or photographs showing vague details of UFOs or aliens are often presented as hoax just to attract attention or just to fuel alien phenomena. Nevertheless, UFO reports continue to exist even without strong proof or bases, retaining the belief that there could be possibly UFOs on Earth hiding.

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  1. I lived next to the Hydro plant when i was 11.Picking worms one night i watched a UFO over the plant and it covered the plant in size and all of a sudden it took off so fast that it was gone .One minute later two jets come in very low and went over the lake.This was at two am.

  2. As kids, my little sister and i used to spend a lot of summer nights sleeping in my grandparents motor home and in a tent in the backyard of my grandparents’ place. In the motorhome, we would always sleep sharing the bed thats above the driver and passenger seats at the front. Why? Because we would lay in that bed with our heads directly under the long window that stretched across the width of the front of the motorhome, staring at the stars as we chatted. On too many occasions to count, we saw what looked like stars that zoomed around in the night sky. They were little white lights, not as bright as the actual stars (there was almost zero light pollution there as it was a very rural property), that were going at incredible speeds, sometimes zigzagging back and forth, sometimes looping around stars going from one to another, sometimes just weaving through the stars going across the entire sky. At times there would be more than one of these lights moving about in the sky, other times there would only be one at a time that we saw. Sometimes the lights would fade in and out as they zoomed around, and sometimes they would even get significantly brighter for a period of time (as bright as the stars in the sky), before they dimmed to their normal brightness. We always thought it was really cool, and would discuss what we were seeing, with so much wonder and curiosity. We saw these things so much that it became kind of an inside joke to us. We would say things like “looks like the aliens like to drive fast too”, or we would doodle little racecar/race ufo aliens in racing suits, driving around in the sky. And whenever anything strange happened that we didnt have an immediate explanation for (randomly losing something we just had moments before, or the radio randomly having other stations partially coming through, making it seem like there was some sort of strange communication happening, we would be like “oh its probably just the aliens again..”, or “i guess our alien friends stopped by/are calling us again”, and laugh about it. We never really meant the things we were saying, but we knew that we were seeing something in the sky that didnt make any sense, and seemed impossible, that we hadnt learned about in school, or read about in the books at the library. Still, to this day, both my sister and i can recall these fond memories together. We didnt get along a whole lot as kids (her being three years younger than i, there was just enough of an age gap between us, we rarely had enough in common to really get along well without one of us being annoyed, or she was too young to do the things i did a lot as well). So the fact that this was something we could actually do together, while not experiencing any sort of conflict during those many nights, makes it a pretty memorable thing. There was a large gap of time, after we grew out of backyard camping, up until adulthood, where we never brought up the good ol days of watching aliens together, until one night it just popped in my head randomly, while i was over visiting my sister. I was like hey, do you remember the aliens zooming in the sky, and she screamed in delight like “omg yess! I havent thought about that shit in years” and then we reminisced for a couple hours over this stuff, while both our boyfriends sort of just sat there in bewilderment lol. And to this day, we still bring it up from time to time. We have hypothesized as to what it could have been that we were seeing, on many occasions, and never coming to any sort of logical explanation, aside from “its aliens”.
    So the scientists and astronauts and professionals can tell me all day long that theres no such thing as aliens or ufos, and pile up as much “evidence” to support their claims as they possibly can.. but it wont mean a thing to me. I know what i saw. And i know it was real. And what it was, was physically impossible, according to the laws of physics. Yet, it happened, and im not the only one who saw this stuff. So i know for a fact there is something out there with extraordinary capabilities and intelligence. Its not a belief to me, its a fact. Full stop.

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