UFO Crash Incident Off Japan Coast Gets Wide Media Attention

Over the last couple of days, many websites featured the report by Nippon Television in Japan about a UFO crash incident off the coast of Okinawa and that a photograph of the UFO was released by officials. This could be an amazing story or another example of how stories like this gets instant attention.

japan ufoSeveral media sources reported that different news crews, emergency vehicles, and police had seen the UFO as it crashed down to the water close to the islands south of Japan on the 4th of December.

There was a photo reportedly released by the Japanese navy. Yoshido Hari, a navy spokesman, said that they released the photo to confirm reports. They believe that the picture will give credence to the UFO that had been witnessed by people living in Okinawa. They will take their time and bring the aircraft up in one piece. They plan to preserve the object as much as possible.

However, this story falls apart on different levels, as ghosttheory.com points out three things.

First, the reported UFO that crashed in Okinawa is suspiciously similar to a Google Earth Image that was released months ago, which was nothing more than lens flare.

Second, a simple search of the Nippon TV site using the keyword UFO, shows no result about the reported crashed UFO.

Third, a simple search in Google shows several examples such as the so-called Okinawa UFO, a camera lens artifacts that are not even solid objects.

The question now is where exactly the photo that was released by Japanese navy? The image that is shown up in stories about the crash incident is not the object being referred.

The origin of the crash incident is still unknown but the UFO world is already mired in enough bad stories with blurry images and bad quality videos. There is no need to pull down further the credibility this field.

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  1. Even if there was a real UFO, the fact that it went into the ocean doesn&#39;t necessarily mean it crashed. It could have purposely gone into the ocean. We&#39;ve heard so many accounts of UFO&#39;s diving into Lake Titicaca, Peru. <br />I met a woman who grew up in Mexico. They were seeing ships all the time. Once, while her family was taking a road trip vacation, they were going down a

  2. If you ask me; since time began the Japanese always seems to have that extra technological advantage.<br />I tell you the Japanese compared to world&#39;s nations, the&#39;re special.<br /><br />I pressume their kept ahead by clear realistic extratesterial attention.<br /><br />This crash must be seen in that context ! ?

  3. I know that ECUADOR has now come out to acknowledge that UFO&#39;s are real and they want them to be reported. The 1st country to not try and ignore the subject. So now go to GOOGLE and put in &quot;&quot; UFOs in South America disclosure has begun &quot;&quot; and see what they have to say. Its all about the truth. Regards. Dave

  4. I understand u guys must fill up the pages..but please try better select what to publish..there r people studying seriously the ufo phenomenon, and u rnt helping em publishing obvious hoaxes..why not filling up pages with more investigation of the sightings that look more interesting, that would give u more credibility too. Regards

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