Disc-shaped UFO following a plane over China – December 2012

China flyin saucerAn unnamed passenger has passed on a photograph of what appears to be a UFO stalking a plane. The picture is taken from the window of a commercial passenger jet.

The disc-shaped object was captured on a flight from Hong Kong to southwest China’s Kunming City last week .

A friend of the anonymous passenger, Larry Siu, says the picture was passed on to him and was taken by a friend, who he refused to name.

No details of the exact day or which flight the passengers were on has come to light, yet…

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  1. interesting-looks very similar if not exactly similar (same angle, orientation of lights, etc.) to the supposed ufo over green mountain colorado just a couple posts before, which seems suspicious to me…..

  2. This looks exactly like the saucer that was photographed over Green Mountain Colorado on December 22, 2012. This thing gets around!

  3. more photographic forgery def same as green mountain ufo fake or not fake we need more facts witnesses etc worlds going ufo crazy its an alien ufo epidemic people are lost looking for saviours mans destroyed there own planet unrepairable through greed money wars famine ozone lair depletion there are ufos some new military type craft some mistaken identities some really true cases its getting o.t,

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