VIDEO: Bright UFO flying over Hartshill, UK 12-Jan-2013

A reader just sent us this interesting UFO video.

Submitted by: Paige P
Sighting location: Nuneaton, Hartshill in England
Date: 12-01-13 16:30
Report: I saw a red and white flashing ufo above houses in my area. I believe it’s to fast to be an rc plane and if it was, it must be an expensive one. Also if it happened to be an expensive rc plane, I wouldn’t risk flying it over houses due to the chances of losing signal and crashing it. Can you think of any other reasonable explanation. Thanks.

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  1. hello sorry mate i am afraid you missed one detail out of your video when you got your mate to fly something and that was that any camera can also pick up infrared signals you can see something flashing in the top of the trees on the ground which makes me believe it may be a hoax and i do really believe in UFOs but the motions of this look like a rc craft of some description

    • Would you please explain a little more? I too KNOW UFOs exist as does anyone with two brain cells. But now what are YOU telling us we must observe in this video? With all due respect, explian in more detail.

  2. Hiya,some would say its a hoax,and especially as it looks like a white bag or baloon,but i feel its a ufo orb,and if you use windows movie maker you can take pics frame by frame ,then zoom in and you will probably see that its two orbs…just my opinion though..good catch m8.

  3. WOW! This is the "Real Mc Coy"! Thanks for capturing a sophisticated Drone or flying saucer on film. Unbelievable. (I can tell it isn't a plane,nor jet, nor helicopter .) By the way, did it look like it was on a surveillance mode, or, just having fun?? Thanks again!

  4. When it heads away or towards Camera,(Looking planed), it's light abot dissapears, goes below Tree line, and Models are quite fast these days, just is too big a coincidence. Never gets too far from that operator either. I believe but not here. Handy open area too. Nice try. Theres no Disclosue if we are not alone because Aliens see Humans,(Some) as to Stupid to be around.

  5. Possible abduction scenario in the area where it went out of site. First time it dove down to locate the mission and then rose to a fairly good altitude of contemplation. Than it went back to the same area behind the building for a good while. After, assuming mission accomplished it took off at a greater speed than film ended. If at all possible locate the area which it disappeared and than

  6. Are you sure its a RT? Its a bloody big one. Besides the winds look turbulant which would make model RT flying extremely difficult. It also has a white glow about it. Good catch P. Paige.

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