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Your UFO reports: 19th January – 26th January 2013

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Alsip, Illinois – 1/27/13 12:30am
Dont know what it was but got it on film

Youtube video link:

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Fort Ripley, Minnesota – 1-27-2013 at 11:30 AM CST
Took some pics and I have posibly 8 in one shot these are my first two disks in front.

These photos are within FT Ripply air space, it is massively active as we only go out and come in with no set time. All my photos are on Facebook or Google under Chaplain Kenneth Newlin.



5 miles south of McGreger, MN – 1/26/2013
I just happen to go out to take photos of the Chemtrails before it was to late, here the sky was only open in this sliver so i just took a few shots, My eyes are not the best, but it just looked strange as why i clicked, this is what i found and i have more on Face book as well as Google. Nothing was moving so as why i did not take a video.My Camera has its anomaly’s but nothing explains this and the other 5 ships in the scene.



Venice, Florida – 1-25-13 @ 9:10-9:20
I was walking my dog when i saw a strange green light (orb) about the size of a large star in the sky to the west. I noticed it because it was a very bright green, unlike any star i have seen, and they didnt blink as air plane lights usually do. As i watched it it seemed to bob slightly. It would move erratically forward, then stop and go backwards quickly. It would also ascend and descend, making zig-zags. It also made loops. As i watched it it moved from the far left side of my street to the far right side of my street. It looked like it was trying to be noticed. At some points the light would change to the color red and glow very brightly, then switch back to green. I tried to film it using my 8 megapixel camera phone but i dont think i captured it. I will look at it again and see if anything is visible.

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Maricopa, Arizona – 1-25-13 @ 10:44pm
I saw the yellow colored objects about 4 of them all around the city of Maricopa last night and as I was going in the house I saw 4 blue/white objects rotating above the city in a circular motion which lasted for about 25 minutes until an airplane came across the valley then they vanished at once…but they were close. Thia is not the first time I’ve seen them. I’ve been watching one above hwy 8 and 84 at the junction. It comes out at 10:44 usually every night and zooms around for about 45 minutes….I would really like to know who and what they are….very curious!!

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Lake Norman Charlotte NC 28279 – 1-22-2013 1:15 pm

My daughter had a flying lesson, I was reviewing the photos and spotted the twin dots in the upper right 1/4 mid way. I do not think it is a reflection, let me know what you all think.

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University Heights – January 22nd 2013 around 11pm
Mysterious lights in the sky showing up during Live TV news report

Youtube video link:

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Lapeer, MI – 4:30 am January 21, 2013
My husband went outside to start is vehicle for work and noticed 3 vertical streaks in the sky. He woke me up to look…I then went outside and saw the streaks. At first I said they are probably from a plane but then on second glance I noticed they were vertical and one streak was blinking. I then notice a reminance of where they had been before on the west side. All of a sudden it moved again and began blinking in another location before disappearing!

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LAX – 01/20/2013
I was speaking to my manager this morning 01/21/2013. He was telling us that last night around 10pm it appeared that what looked like a plane in fire approaching his home near LAX. He looked up and the object was moving in a wave pattern. As he reached for his binoculars the object stood still. An aircraft was taking off out of LAX towards the object it took off at an impressive speed. He also mentioned that this was the 2nd time the object was near his home.

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Phoenix, Arizona – 19, January, 2013
In Phoenix, Arizona, clear with no clouds, mildly cold morning of 33 degrees at approximately 06:38am of 19, January 2013 while stopped and waiting for a traffic light to proceed to go west from north bound from 40th Street onto Camelback Road to go west. While I was stopped at the traffic light I noticed and observed an aircraft approaching, it was swiftly moving across the near darkened sky and was heading west by south west direction and came from the direction of east by north east approach.

I noticed that the “unknown aircraft” in the sky was not of a typical civilian or commercial aircraft origin based from the speed it was traveling and bared no regular or typical flashing aircraft navigation or flashing beacon lights that were not visible at that time like the typical aircraft and also looked like it would be traveling at a greater altitude than a typical civilian/commercial commercial aircraft would be normally flying for an altitude descend for final approach to circle from the north to come in from the east for Sky Harbor International Airport approach. The “unknown aircraft” was still at an altitude high enough to where it was reflecting sun light in the higher part of the atmosphere in the dark early twilight morning sky at that particular morning.

Upon observation of the “unknown aircraft”, while still stopped at the traffic light I proceeded to believe that I was about to witness the International Space Station flying overhead when the “unknown aircraft” stopped briefly and proceeded to do a tight 180 unlike any known military aircraft available from our Armed Air Forces and at that time the “unknown aircraft” then disappeared into the horizon just as it appeared.

The statement above is of a true account and was made with no intentions of falsifying was not created to generate any notoriety of any kind, but simply was made by me as a citizen of sound mind who had witnessed something that I have no logical idea to what this “unknown aircraft” was that morning.

I do watch and study aircraft as a past time passion hobby and observe the type of flying patterns and types of general aircraft both private civilian and commercial and some Government/Military and I did not recognize that type of flight characteristics at all that morning…

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Littlerock Ca. – July 15 1.30 pm

I am a minister and a freelance photographer From Virginia but living in Littlerock Ca. I have seen many things and have many UFO photos. I am 49 and was visited by something that told me to Wright a book so i did it took me 2 years and it is called From the Ashes. I have always had visions all my life. something has communicated knowledge to me that i would otherwise not know or even consider. It was 3 golden people and they told me all about our true connections to GOD and the human spirit. I have a twitter page you can look up and see more. GOD BLESS YOU! I hope someone can help me. My book is still sitting on the shelf. GOD HELP US ALL.

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