UFOs or orbs hovering over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – January 2013

Myrtle Beach UFO
UFO videos 2013 – This interesting footage of a unidentified flying objects or some kind of spheres was recorded in the night sky over north Myrtle Beach in South Carolina in January 2013.

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    • Yes. I agree. If these are flares why are they being dropped in all different directions and heights? Also military planes would have lights on them and for sure you would here some type of noise with multiple aircraft going in multiple directions. These don't look like orbs or flares.

    • well, I will have to disagree. During certain training excercises, military aircraft are allowed to fly with no lights. I am a military aircraft electrician, specifically on Light Attack Helicopter, which have several squadrons in NC. From the distance that they were filming, you would not here the aircraft, and because of their gray to light blue color, you would not see them. Because of how

  1. Dude they are only spouting off their opinions, you know what you saw and have on camera. And flares do not hover, but fall and leaves a tail while falling. Yes there would have been reasonable sound if an airplane was nearby.

  2. I have seen the same lights on 3 different occasions from Oak Island, NC. I don't believe they are flares. The footage of these was so shaky, it made them appear that they were moving, but when I've seen them they appear suddenly, remain stationary for at least 20-30 seconds, and then disappear, only to return a short time later in a different location. No aircraft is ever in sight.

  3. Simplest explanation: colored flares ejected by a small fighter aircraft at a good distance away and with nav lights off due to being in a military training area. These kinds of flares are not used for lighting the ground.

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