VIDEO: UFO activity over New Zealand 25-Jan-2013

UFO OrbThis is a compilation of interesting UFO videos recorded over New Zealand. All of the video were filmed on Friday, 25th January 2013.

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  1. The second video clip is a real ET spacecraft IMO.<br /><br />I did see a spectacular one on New Years Eve, once all the fireworks, Chinese lanterns, boat flares.<br />It was very bright red, ie as red as a boat flare, hovering, from my point of view, next to the sky tower, I watched it for several seconds, before realizing too late that it was a spacecraft and not a helicopter, the object just

  2. I was sure that these were man made objects, that was until I heard the music. Now I am 105% positive they are alien space ships.

  3. i see these every night they are beautiful,, but i agree, they are becoming more and more frequent. Ive studied the night skies in the previous months and i believ they have a certain flight path where they travel along the milky way, ive noticed several crafts all in the same night, flying in the same direction and patern, at seperate times.

  4. God I envy you guys such clear, star-filled skies. Where I live in the UK all I usually see are the main stars and constellations.<br />Good vids btw.

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