NEW! Ancient Aliens: Secrets of the Tombs S5E6

Ancient Aliens – Secrets of the Tombs
History Channel, Season 5, Episode 6
25th January 2013

Examining a possible link between extraterrestrials and strange items and writings that have been found in ancient tombs around the world.As discovered ancient tombs around the globe share unexplainable similarities, the ancient astronaut theorists speculate that the shared reason for the strange items and writings in the complex and advanced tombs are extraterrestrial beings.

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  1. Ancient Rulers,some part "god" were probably told,when they hassled the gods:"sorry but the best we can do is tell you roughly which way our planet is so that you can attempt to reincarnate there,failing that just try to preserve your body,maybe some day we can use your dna-thats the best we can offer"

  2. I think that the &quot;ancient writings&quot; weren&#39;t intended for us at all. We always insert ourselves into every story, making believe that we are somehow special and that we are so very important to these aliens, despite how obviously primitive we appear to them. <br /><br />Aliens coming to this planet and finding us here is about the same as one of us buying 50 acres of land that is

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