UFO’s do exist

MSNBC interviews scientist Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center who claims that UFO’s do exist. Aired on 24th November, 2012.

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  1. Awesome interview. For once the TV guy was not condescending or rude and they didn't play X Files or Twilight Zone music afterwards. I commend him.

  2. If he can&#39;t explain why the g,ment isnt saying about ufo&#39;s/aliens, i will.<br />Its because it will cahnge the whole way we look at religion and also many other things that will make religion false.The world is slowly waking up to the fact that were not alone in this vast universe because all the eldery people that believe in god are dying off and leaving the younger generation that DOES

  3. well done peter davenport good interview big alteration too mans mindset more people staring at our skies they are real been here since beginning of time are part of our world protect our world suppossed too be aliens in our governments walking amongst us ? i keep an open mind on that the world goverments dont know how too overcome there powerful technology too super advanced for our primitive

  4. I respect Mr. Davenport very much, but i disagree with his notion that up to 90% of UFO reports are misidentified terrestrial illusions. I read reports from his website and many others, and Davenport himself has acknowledged that sightings have increased. We have now entered a time when the dimensional veils that concealed presence of et&#39;s are being lifted. Hundreds of sightings are

  5. until one has actually seen a ufo, it is very hard to convince someone else to believe in them. in my lifetime, i&#39;ve seen 4 ufos. 2 in daytime and 2 at night. i know what i was seeing were not anything man-made or of this world. they were genuine as can be, and even tho my friends believe me, they don&#39;t understand my beliefs in ufos. this doesn&#39;t bother me in the least and have

  6. Yes ufo,s exist, but why do you all ignore that this interview was done prior to 2008. Wasn&#39;t worthy of being replayed and only can diminish the credibility of this sight.

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