New UFO video filmed in Melbourne, Australia 17-Feb-2013

UFO sightingLatest UFO sightings – Another amazing UFO compilation of a videos recorded over Melbourne in Australia on 16th and 17th February 2013.

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    • Airplanes or satellites don't spiral around each other as they move, nor do they fall straight down. Now I'm no expert, but I believe these videos can be doctored, I don't know if it's possible in the night vision (or whatever that effect was) mode, but it just doesn't have enough for me. Very interesting if real and in real time though, wouldn't you think? Bugs come to

    • Recorded in Geelong. <br />You can see this persons other videos by going to his Youtube link. <br />Lou20764 or something is the address.<br /><br />I have asked for details before,(such as) coming from the south? <br />Coming from the north (?), but he does not keep notes. These are shot with an infra red lens/video camera that continually records the sky.

  1. that big fat one at 2:24 is cool. but what was the beginning of your video, with the 2 sharp rays of light?? i saw the zooming object you highlighted but those 2 rays of light?

  2. very good videoing or a hoax keep an open mind on your video melbourne i think they could be 2 ufos crossing your skies in daylight wheres the military obviousely not over excited as the whole worlds aware of these crafts now have been since time began .

  3. birds.. yet another insignificant blurry video..<br /><br />if little dots on a video is enough to excite you lot.. well, small things amuse small minds

    • People like you who keep spouting off, &quot;birds&quot; only proves to the rest of us that you&#39;re beyond stupid and have no business even viewing UFO videos because it&#39;s obviously too much for your little pea-brain to handle. So before you go making suggestions around something as simple-minded as &quot;birds&quot; or &quot;bugs&quot;, maybe you should spend more time investigating the

  4. Goddamn, don&#39;t you disinformation idiots ever take a break from trolling UFO videos &amp; sites? From the &quot;fake&quot; and &quot;not a UFO&quot; votes, looks like that&#39;s a big &quot;no&quot;. Too many eyewitnesses now for that to work, so you&#39;re wasting your time.

    • I agree the easiest thing to be is a skeptic, but I also believe we don&#39;t have to think all these videos are real. I&#39;m not sure, and I&#39;m certainly not an expert on infra-red photography, if that&#39;s what it is, to be able to tell if it&#39;s possible to fake what&#39;s on the screen, or if it&#39;s speeded up or not, so it&#39;s kinda impossible for me to make a positive ID. Birds?

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