UFO activity during a meteor blast in Russia? 15-Feb-2013

UFO meteor

It looks like a black UFO was hovering near vapor trail of Friday’s meteor strike in Chelyabinsk region, Russia.

Here’s a video:

Sky new report about this meteor blast

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  1. unbelieveable! i have watched that first video many times in other places from other sites and there is NO ufo in it! so i know it is totally fake. the other video has strange info on how far the moon is from earth. on some sites it says the moon is 1.2 million miles from earth. this one says it's 225,000 miles from earth. who knows what to believe!

    • u right janet..i ve seen dozens of video here till now and no ufo… I live in russia..plus tell u that russians divers of the army didn't find any meteor under that hole in the ice…i m above the polar circle..english not my first language sorry..anyway some really weird things happen here, never mentioned by the press…couple i witnessed personally..much more interesting then all waht i

  2. Interesting footage of the hole in the ice. Im absolutely no expert but if a meteor crashed there it feels like the hole would have rougher edges and not be a perfect circle like that. Looks cut out to me! Just reffering to myself trowing rocks on thin ice as a kid. Feels like it would be bigger too.. just some thoughts.

  3. thats the dark invader our own batman doin his nosey protecting our russian friends during that meteorite storm on you go son keep our skies fre from impending danger bring batwoman along also . cheers

  4. Of course…..a meteor "BLAS" shouldn't that be BLAST? E.T.s running this site? No grip of written English……..I never refer people to this site because of all the mis-spells, typos and articles that just do not read like they were originally written in English. Are Granny and Eli-May running this site?

  5. Youseff? Reno, Nevada? More sport shooting? <br /><br />Three UFOs prevent nuclear attack on Chelyabinsk? Is this a not a picture of a controlled burn off of a nuclear warhead?<br /><br />Bitch Didn&#39;t notice them until reading this comment:<br /><br />Green Crack (unregistered) February 16, 2013, 00:59 0 <br />Is it just me or is there UFOS in 3 of the pictures with the meteor ?<br /><br />

  6. I&#39;ve said it before and I&#39;ll say it again. Someone is shooting at us. O ifn dis hear sintax ain&#39;t rhight its cuz i gradiatit graid 2.

  7. It is the alien ejecting from his pilot seat inside the astroid! I know because… I&#39;m Batman!! LMAO who cares what it is. I think it is fascinating for events like this to happen. Although I wish that during these events no one loses their life.

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