UFO or orb flying near an airplane over Texas 2-Feb-2013

Another UFO video of a bright object or some kind of orb making a fast maneuvers near an airplane in the daytime sky above Texas. This was filmed on Saturday, 2nd January 2013.

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  1. this is how i saw my last ufo. i was watching a high-flying jet with binocs and i spotted a ufo just non-motionless, hanging there. very oddly shaped. very far away.

    • birds can fly very very high, i,m pro photographer..shot so many birds in flight..plus its a matter ruled by the length and perspective of the lens u using..so i repeat..nice catch of a bird in flight out of focus..bout drones..here everubody talks bout drones..and tell u, they dont hav an idea what modern drones can do..

  2. Good catch of a bird. It is difficult to see but the object is much lower in altitude than the aircraft. Chem trail aircraft are a myth and conspiracy theory believed by those with small IQ!

  3. To dismiss chemtrail aircraft out of hand as "myth and conspiracy", is to show where the "small IQ" really abounds, my friend. Educate yourself.

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