Amazing daytime UFO video recorded over Mexico 26-Jan-2013

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting video of a multiple unidentified flying objects flying across the sky over Mexico was recorded on Saturday, 26th January 2013.
What do you think these strange objects were? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. Those are birds. Even the black tips of their feathers is clearly shown no matter how much he tries to keep tham out of focus they are still birds.

    • White Pelicans..with lights..??<br />Cranes..thousands of feet up in the air..??<br /><br />This aretruly U.F.O&#39;s, i cannot identify them..!!

    • Really!? how are these birds they fly in many formation and they even got the formation of triangle life UFOs and even so if they where birds how can they be in the air up like a plane and also there flipping up and down how can a bird fly with is belly facing the space above, If your older than 18 and you think its a bird somethings wrong with you cuz im 18 and this look pretty &#39;UFO&#39;

  2. What if they was forming signs, like, that we humans could read …that they was making some note for us…I noticed some signs in this formation…cool video 😉

  3. There are eight craft that have a look of a bird, and a plane. Could the message from our elders be: &quot;We ate the vultures?&quot;

  4. so if birds, why the high glare off of their backs and not one wingflap that whole time? Ill be honest, looks like birds, but not ONE wingflap?

  5. ha ha ha…lol…those r big sea when the guy is going to say what he thinks they r the audio gets stopped and repeating slowing the last words..what a joke..

  6. Good vid. If they were pelicans, the whole underside would be in shadow. The centre of these objects are illuminated. Birds woud not sustain such a length of flight without some wings movement. However, the formations are random and suggest birds. Planes in those numbers would have some organisation and a leader, especially if under military control. I don&#39;t know what they are, but it is

  7. Scott Warrings brain bats flying from his head after he posts fake UFO info and claims there are alien bases on the moon in a photo that is obviously the Apollo Searvice Module taken from tha LEM. I respect your site for not posting fragrantly fraudulent disinformation.

  8. Amazing! Such precision flying to not crash into each other while doing acrobatic maneuvering. What&#39;s the exact translation ?

  9. there is no wing flapping on these birds. pelicans fly low and are fat looking. cranes are sleek but have long beaks and long legs and you can see those when they are flying. don&#39;t forget these objects are filmed pretty far away and when the zoom is on them they look like well manouevering machines! it&#39;s definitely something else!

  10. Well , I have to admit got me on this one . But come on people . this person wasn&#39;t even emotional during this video ! Is this an every day event here? Something isn&#39;t right here ! 522013 6:48 pm

  11. I live in Waco TX and seen something simliar. These are not pelicans or cranes. I cannot say that they are not military thou. At a brief point one seems to manuvuer in a away that would be impossible for a jet to do but that could be that only appears that way from the distance. Very interesting either way and thanks for sharing.

  12. At first glance I thought they were large birds but I never see their wings flap–plus not sure how high up this video was filmed or how fast they were moving.<br /><br />so then I thought maybe a fleet of some kind of secret military aircraft? <br /><br />Very puzzling.

  13. Omg lol those are obviously birds I see that all the time over here during the winter they glide high up like that but if you grab you a crap camera and record it almost looks like a ufo until you realize that the wings or bent and they are tilting to turn

  14. OMG has it come to this that your best footage is of Pelicans maybe I need to find another site I think I will include footage of a squadron of Parrakeet&#39;s.

    • High in the sky, birds don&#39;t necessarily need to flip their wings, they just &quot;ride&quot; the current. Sorry, but I think they are birds too, even if I wish the opposite.

  15. From what i could see and know,they deff look like a form of bird flying on thermals..Until you look more closely, I never once saw a wing flap or move,and the direction of the wings look back to front to me.and would pelicans or cranes fly that high…deff interesting though..shame you could not get better detail..

  16. I think they&#39;re sandhill cranes that have had orbs overlayed to make them look more ufo-like. I&#39;ve seen these cranes before in Southern Colorado and thought they were ufos at first because they were so high up, but they soar on the thermal uplifts, thus no wing-flapping, and the sun reflecting off of their wings makes it seem like they&#39;re metallic-i was totally convinced at first.

  17. Could be real birds but I have witnessed UFO&#39;s on a couple of occasions during the day where they seem to be trying to look like birds.

  18. Wow, these look a lot like ships seen in modern television. However, no flapping, lit up like search light no matter what direction and moving independatly and UNDER CONTROL. I would say these are genuine UFOs and not Terran ships. They appear to look like Go&#39;uld Death gliders with lights.

  19. Large birds, probably Pelicans or Cranes riding uplifts so have no need to flap their wings. I see nothing indicative of a material ufo in this video.

  20. I wish it weren&#39;t so but I think they are birds. If you stop it at the .22 mark you can see the long neck on the bottom one. Also as another person commented if he was seeing UFOs I don&#39;t he would be so calm and neither would the woman who is speaking in the background. I don&#39;t know what they are saying but I don&#39;t think they are excitedly discussing space ships over head.

  21. Pelicans for sure, we get a lot of them here in Canada and they can fly very high up. I actually taped some with the same assumption of wtf are those, but soon realised what they where. Still cool catching them on video and without people looking up we would have nothing to debate anyway.

  22. Really interesting are all these comments for a swede; How come so many of you visit this ufo-site, just to state the fact that these unusual objects must be birds?

    • i believe in ufos for sure but feel that some discernment is always necessary in order to keep an open mind. And in the end you can always decide what you want to think or believe anyways, no matter what others say or think, right?

  23. Yes..these are American White Pelicans. they soar very high on thermal air currents and can go for hours like this with no wing flapping. they fly with their necks folded into an S shape. The black on the wings is correct for this species..Cranes have less black on the wing and are exceedingly rare and the long necks are straight out like a swan…Snow Geese also have less black and they fly

  24. Most of the people who post comments on this site are absolute idiots!!! Yet, you speak with so much conviction as if your dumb-ass really knew what anything was outside of your own stupidity. If you&#39;re going to say, &quot;These are definitely birds&quot;, than ask yourself one simple question first, &quot;Why are they illuminated exactly the same in every shot?&quot; Or, you could also ask,

    • i have seen them. when you see them up close in person there is no doubt they are aircraft not biological. i watched them for about 5 min. i had an excellent view and even a pair of binoculars. great camouflage though.

  25. they are absolutely real. i saw a group of three in south west Arkansas in Jan 2012. they are shaped and colored to mimic birds. upon further observation they are much , much larger and ridged. the ones i saw flew slowly in a straight line never flapping. i watched for about 5 minutes as they moved across my field of view. they were really close and not birds. never flapping and staying in

  26. Have you noticed, how many different types of ufo&#39;s have<br />been video&#39;ed/photographed ever since &#39;the modern&#39; ufo <br />&#39;flap&#39;————– &#39;47 to present day? There must have been millions. And most of them are different. Suspicious,<br />don&#39;t you think? The latest films etc., seem to concentrate<br />on points of light (day &amp; night), easy to do, and

  27. I keep seeing something similar to this over Hwy 16 going towards Sacramento, CA about mid day. I can only see them if I have sunglasses on. They look like silver spheres with dark wings, but the wings do not move. These objects hover in groups of 20-25. Once a saw a few by themselves. They are definitely spherical in shape and have a shiny metallic finish. Very odd to see.

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