Unsealed: Alien Files: Aliens and Presidents

Unsealed: Alien Files – Aliens and Presidents
Season 1, Episode 13

U.S. Presidents are the most powerful men on the planet. But do they know something about extraterrestrials that we don’t? We’ll explore the complex relationship between Aliens and Presidents.

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  1. George Washington was a honorable man and would be likely his visits were real. Thinking America was designed with help. Being the best way for success. WWII was won by and with the help of our brothers. Ike was to be "let know" more so than the rest. Of course most of the other presidents are given a glance but no confirmation. They were proud of America and then America strayed, after

  2. "U.S. Presidents are the most powerful men on the planet". -Wow!!! What a blunder!!! US presidents?? This is just the most hilarious statement ever!!! Those guys can't even tie their own shoe laces… And someone thinks they are "the most powerful men on the planet"!! How about "the least powerful men on the planet"? I can't think of any deeper subjugation

  3. Bravo! BRAVO!Thank you for putting out info that I have been telling for decades!(One of my stories comes from Mrs. Jackie Gleason on the day [or night] then President Nixon played golf with him. She said, " When he [Jackie Gleason] came in the door, he was all flushed. I had made a drink for him like I usually do. When I handed it to him, he refused! When he finally spoke, he said, : '

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