VIDEO: Triangle formation over Oakland, California 16-Jan-2013

triangle formationUFO videos 2013 – This footage of a bright unidentified flying objects or some kind of spheres was recorded in Oakland, California on 16th January 2013.

Witness report: I was driving on the freeway saw three lights In a line then the three lights (orbs) shaped a triangle so I got off the freeway to record

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. too many bad words, fantastic, nice attempt to show how undeveloped and primitive people can perfectly the author gets to show he is a poor retarded…put this fake video in the trash, and if any place left, just trow in the author too…nobody will miss 'em..

  2. you left the highway to film "something" in a brightly lit parking lot? this could be anything to the viewer, because it's so bright. to me it looks like helicopters moving around.

  3. This is most likely night sky diving which with a group, will be done with flares on their boots. From the distance that the spectator was filming, it may look like only glowing orbs. They moved around in a circle, most likely because they group of three grabbed hands forming a rotating circle. A very common formation with group sky divers. Not a hoax, just pure ignorance. I believe there is life

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