Wyoming’s Lookout Post for UFOs

Unidentified flying objects had been seen hovering the Devil’s Tower in Crook County, Wyoming. It was 1993 when a mysterious object was flying in the natural wonder toward the sky at an incredible speed before it disappeared.

Many have been skeptical about aliens, but most of them are still open to believing in the subject as long as strong evidence is shown. This has also attributed to why Judy Mesoline opened a lookout post for UFOs in 2001.

Mesoline called the watchtower as the UFO Watchtower, which also resembles a shop or a little museum. It is situated in the small town of Hooper in Colorado, which has a population of 105 as of the year 2011. Hooper is located right in the middle of what is called as The Bermuda Triangle of the West.

Both the UFO Watchtower and Hooper sit in a geothermal land space below the Rocky Mountains called the San Luis Valley. The valley is known to be the home of UFO believers because of unusual number of sightings there. This is also the place where the unexplained animal mutilation epidemic in 1967 happened.

Mesoline shared that she had over two dozen of UFO sightings, and there were several bizarre activities in town for the last 12 years, she recalled. Though many would remain skeptic about unidentified flying objects, Mesoline suggests people to have an open mind because there are things that nobody can explain.

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