Blue Coloured UFO Across the Night Skies of Coldstream and Duns

A photo showing an alleged unusual blue object in the night sky added another so-called evidence of intelligent life from other planets.

On 1st of February 2013, Paul Taylor was driving a car from Berwick towards home at Duns when he noticed a strange light in the night sky. He then made a stop near Edrom, got his SLR camera and took four pictures using it. But he did not clearly determine the colour of the light until a week later when the checked again his photos and saw a blue object framed by the patch of light.

He then learned that similar sightings had been reported in Berwickshire-based news on the same night in the Coldstream and Duns areas. He then decided to share his own pictures in a popular website in UK. The apparent UFO sighting took place about 5:30 PM and the blue object was in all four pictures.

There were many reported UFO sightings in Coldstream and Duns on that night. One witness said that he saw a large orb at around 8:45 PM over Coldstream Mains Farm. At first, he saw the orb having lime green colour but changed to a complete white before moving without any noise towards north. Meanwhile in Duns, several drivers also reported strange lights in the sky on the same night.

Some believe that the alleged UFO was from Marchmont House in which coloured lights were set up for the Berwickshire Hunt Ball while others say it was the Northern Lights.

Paul just hope that his four pictures can help solve the mystery about UFOs and mysterious lights in two areas.

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  1. it says he made a stop. but did he get out of his car? cause it looks like a reflection on the windshield coming from inside the car. story says something else though so…

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