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Your UFO reports: 2nd March – 9th March 2013

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Medford, Oregon – 3/10/2013 8:25 p.m.
Orange round object came from west to east, directly towards us at a low altitude, then made a right turn heading south, then kind of ‘hovered’ then gained altitude until it disappeared.

Looked like a glowing orange balloon but was moving fast, then slowed then moved again. Saw no real shape other than an orange glow… but bright.

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Gernandina beach airport fernandina beach(Amelia Island) Florida – 1;22 pm -March 8th
Saw a very LONG-Cigar shaped- White object, moving at a fairly Fast speed in the southeast sky heading southwest over the Airport.It was Very Long(maybe 3 times a Blimps length)no sound,but for the 45 seconds that I saw it,noticed a few things, No clouds in the sky. a single engine plane was turning to make a landing at the Airport, But this object was in Front of it, so was not a skytrail But what amazed me was the Objects dissappearance.It seemed to go into a “Slot”in the sky as if it went behind a line.Just wondering if anyone else in the area saw anything?

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California – 8th March 2013 23:15

I went on holiday in California and last night, I saw a UFO. This is what happened:

Because I was away from the city, I decided it would be nice to have a walk.

It was surprisingly dark and there were millions of stars. As I walked, I looked at them.

I thought I saw something moving, but I thought that it was just my eyes playing tricks on me.

Suddenly, half of the stars disappeared. I ran back to the place where I was staying and locked the door.

Today, I am leaving. I was going to stay until next Friday, but I am too far freaked out! I’m never going back.

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 Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia – 7 March 2013 8:30 P.M.
Gavin Morris, a local meteorologist with NBN TV in Newcastle, New South Wales shows viewer submitted photographs each evening on the news. Mr. Morris showed a picture taken by Mr. Kim Brent which shows 4 unexplainable orbs to the right of the Panstarrs Comet. The orbs appear to be similar to the Melbourne orbs submitted a few days ago. Mr. Brent has posted the photo and comments on the NBN weathershots website with the following text:
” Taken on top of my roof on the evening of 7th March, I managed to snap a shot of comet Panstarrs probably on the last evening before it is no longer visible in the southern hemisphere. I also managed to snap a shot of what appears to be 4 lights in a row right next to the comet. With a series of about 4 other shots, only one shot had these four lights/dots/stars next to the comet. It was not something i could explain. The shot was taken in the direction of WSW at around 8:30pm last night.”

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On the Inside MMA show – 3/8/13 when the show airs
The UFO fly’s right in front of the interview with Chris Leben and the host. Right at the middle of the show my timer said right at thirty minutes. The UFO flies by pretty quick and does a crazy turn right above the venue.


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Durbanville, South Africa – 04/03/2013, 20h00
Last night the 4 March 2013 were there a very big bright yellow/orange star that came from the north towards the south, and at one stage it stood still and was moving upwards. Then the star went smaller and smaller and gone. It happend 3 times with about 5min between them and the same route.

Johannesburg, South Africa – 03/04/2013
Shot with a basic video camera at 11h20pm (gmt+2) – at 01h08am, it’s stll in the same position in the sky, even though the moon and stars have moved. Not sure what it is.

Video link:

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Hamilton, New Zealand – 28-Feb-2013
can not remember exact time. got photo with old camera. added my name so no one else could claim it. was over a farm just out of Hamilton New Zealand

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Dominican Republic, Boca Chica – 8:00 pm. 06-02-13
was fishing, when it appeared one under water lights were very bright, went up the sky, the lights seemed to be moving, this drive 10 minutes after the object was very fast, too fast, it was a very large object, such as a house

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Mchenry, Illinois – may 3rd, 2010, 3:30 p.m.
While sitting in the shade admiring the clouds developing A flash of light caught my eye..At first I thought they were giant birds but later dismissed that idea..The cloud was a few miles away that harbored the objects ..I could not believe what I was seeing..There were several objects diving in and out of this cloud..They were chasing each other going in a counter clockwise elongated circle..When the objects would be in line of the sun a reflection was made..One at a time they would reflect the sun…I watched them for 45 seconds or so than ran for my camera..They were gone when I got back….What were they ??? God only knows…They weren’t birds…There are many identical sightings as mine that date back to the 1947 ufo wave to current…..What do I think they were? Flying discs,living flying discs….Critters sorta speak…

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Lower Hutt, New Zealand – 6pm September 1970
I was 16 years old. I was standing at a bus stop with my two younger sisters who were incredibly excited because it was the first time they had been allowed to come ‘late-night’ shopping with me on a Thursday night. There were about 5 other people waiting for the bus, including a young married couple. It was a beautiful, crisp and clear spring night. Suddenly the young woman, standing with her husband behind us, let out a startled cry. I swung around to see one of her arms pointing skyward and her other clutching at her husbands jacket. I turned back and we all looked skywards.
I gasped and my two younger sisters shrieked and grabbed my arms. In the sky, not more than 300-400 feet above us was a mass of brilliant white/yellow lights, clearly attached to some sort of structure. This massive ‘thing’ made not one sound as it slowly glided past us, made a wide arc and headed west where it eventually disappeared over the top of the Haywards Hill. People panicked. The young married couple took off at speed, and my sisters were crying and begging me to take them home, all thoughts of shopping gone from their heads. We ran home and burst inside to tell our parents what we had just witnessed. My late father was a Nuclear Physicist and when NZ opened up its UFO files I realized that he was often involved with the Military and Government investigations into sightings. Yet he never said a word to his family about it.
Ever since that night I have known for sure that we are not alone. If you picture what the Titanic must have looked like at night with all it’s portholes ablaze with lights – that’s what this thing looked like. At the time, the biggest thing flying thru Wellington’s skies were the new Boeing 737 jets. But this thing was so big that if you held an open newspaper at arms length, I doubt it would have blocked it all out.
I have never reported this before and I would love to know of others who saw it. How could no one else have noticed this massive structure? In NZ’s UFO files there is a sighting by pilots on a plane from Australia that seems to coincide with our sighting. I remember my father saying to me a week or two later: “I think you girls really did see something that night.” I asked why he was suddenly so sure when he had previously told my younger sisters (to calm them down), that we had just seen Venus or a satellite, and he said vaguely: “Oh I think I read it somewhere.” But he did question me in greater detail, and he also told me not to talk about it in front of my sisters anymore.
Sorry – no exciting photos or videos. But hey – it was 1970!

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