South Africa’s Cape Town in Alert for UFO Sightings

Residents in Cape Town, South Africa have been reporting to have seen mysterious lights that are hovering in the sky. Such lights are considered as unidentified flying objects or UFOs as they represent no origin.
According to Gert Jordaan, founder of UFO Research of SA, UFO sightings in Cape Town are increasing dramatically, suggesting that extraterrestrials may have been monitoring the inhabitants of the second-largest city in the country. She reported several people seeing bright orange lights and flames in the sky between February 21 and 27 this year.

Jordaan said that there are sightings that may indicate a more interesting explanation despite the fact that others could be attributed to meteor showers. He indicated in a statement some UFO sightings have radical change in speed and direction while others are stationary for a couple of minutes. He also added that there might be some top-secret aircraft being tested in the western part of the city.
On the other hand, outreach astronomer Nicloa Loaring for the South African Astronomical Observatory that meteor showers are responsible for the mysterious lights seen by reporting witnesses.
Loaring explained that meteor showers commonly glow green or orange and can appear in different colors.
Meanwhile, South Africa’s National Sea Rescue Institute released a statement noting that the police were alarmed after a witness reported seeing a craft crashing into the sea next to Bihra River.
The statement said that no planes were missing during such reported incident. The Air Force personnel were also tasked to investigation any signs of missing aircraft or any phenomenon that would imply UFOs.
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  1. We 1st saw the orange lights appear at the strike of New years 2012 above elephants eye in capetown forming a triangle and then a rotating merkaba was incredible experience

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