The U.S. Military Has Worked With Aliens?

Australian TV airs interview with Charles Hall who claims to have worked with extraterrestrials at U.S. Bases.

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  1. Nothing was mention about ETs breeding program if they live so long, that would be something the government must of asked and nothing about dna either the one question you would ask ETs? false claims ?

  2. Thata because they talked to them for like 3 min not to mention they probably didnt believe the giy to care enough to ask

  3. Nothing was said about ETS birth control program if they live so long that would be the question on my mind anyway, and what about there dna to nothing said false claims?

  4. Remember Wells'War of the Worlds? "Live" news breaks that made people think it was actually happening? This 'news setting' and 'interview' give it a similar touch of realism, but like the Mars thing, it is/was not real. Theoretically: if true, such a coming out is good, and others may follow to corroborate and -preferably- present hard evidence like non-earth

  5. I find it hard to believe that this guy was sent out solo as a "test" to acclimate the aliens to the human race…someone had to have given that order, and that person or persons would already have had contact. So why bother with an enlisted man at that point?

  6. those newscasters were the wrong people to have put this interview on. they practically ridiculed the couple. if you don't believe that's fine, if you're on national news interviewing someone with an experience like this, sit there, shut up show respect and listen. no one wants to hear your little quips or opinions whatsoever. and if they only had three minutes then the news station

  7. While researching the subject for a manuscript I came across this: April 14th, 1964 – The Day the Earth Stood Still by Richard J. Boylan, PhD.<br /><br />Lots of treaties have been signed with various ETs in exchange for access to their technology. <br /><br />No surprise there. Check which government were involved.

  8. Most interesting and likely true, they are getting you ready to tell the truth. This is likely the front man for the eventual truth to the masses. I really wonder if the government is in charge at 51 as the tall whites do not like our government at all. This will have a big impact on us…The Talls are the aliens that are seen with the Grays in ships that have abducted us. Mistaken for humans

  9. Oh! My! GOD! WOW!THANK YOU SO MUCH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall, for your bravery in getting a World-Wide secret to the forefront!!Bravo!My Hats-Off to you and your effort!(My friends, family and myself have been contacted by these beings.[They use telepathy.]Tours were usually given. Also medical procedures.Several, including myself, have come up with the same name:&quot;VOL-TARR&quot;.He has

  10. So many people now coming forward and telling what they know after being silenced by the American government for so long. Its all leading up to full disclosure.

  11. Were is the evidence to support there claims any one could get up and say the us have worked with aliens why not any other country making theses claims is it just for the us, until they land and say here we are, only until then we would know not before with claims,

  12. yea i agree with Dysstatic people are starting to come foward and telling what they know! i hope that some day the government will tell everyone that the truth is out there!

  13. I couldn&#39;t help but wonder why this guy was allowed to publish a book or do an interview without being silenced. While I was wondering about that the interviewer asked if they had done any &#39;botanical hybridization&#39;. I think that&#39;s more Monsanto&#39;s line of work then the military&#39;s but I could be wrong. I think before I pass any judgement as to the truth of the gentleman&#39;

  14. I am baffled as to why so many people expect disclosure in the form of a landing. Surely any race capable of intergalactic, time, dimensional travel would be able to easily take command of all of our internet, radio, and tv communications and announce themselves through those mediums. My hope is that they have set a deadline for the world&#39;s governments to disclose the truth before they take

  15. ok..all self educated free thinkers dont need DISCLOSURE from government bodies to accept the reality of the ufo phenomenon.<br />Being told what to believe by big brother is for the sheeple.<br />SELF EDUCATION IS THE ONLY WAY TO ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF WITH THE FACTS THAT EXIST.<br />Most governments of the world know the phenomenon is real but the ufo puzzle has the ability to resist all attempts

    • Who are they? Were do they come from? What do they want?<br /><br />Well I would ask what are they? I don&#39;t know much about the universe to probably understand the answer to the second question and as to what they want, we&#39;ll they allegedly been visiting us for thousands of years so I could only guess they could be the reason for us being here!<br /><br />So many stories and not sure what

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