West Virginia: A UFO Passes Overhead Having No Sound and Lights of Known Aircraft

A couple from Summersville, West Virginia reported seeing pie-size UFO travelling at very fast rate from the northwest sky to southwest horizon and changed direction before moving straight up and disappeared. Their sighting, which was filed on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), happened at around 9:55 PM on 23rd of April 2013.
Both witnesses were doing yard work outside when the object appeared to their sight. The reporting witnessed said that he was facing the northwest horizon when he noticed a very bright light about the size of a pie moving towards them at a tree top level. He saw a flying object that did not have lights commonly found in aircraft.
The object passed over their heads and they observed that the object was moving way faster than any other aircraft they had seen. The reporting witness said that he know very well about the speed of aircraft since he spent nearly 9 years of active duty in the Air Force. He added that he had been around with different aircraft from around the world and that he was certain the mysterious object he just saw was very different from known aircraft.
He managed to get a pair of binoculars from their vehicle nearby and clearly saw the object moving to the east. He observed that the object hovered for a second before shooting up straight and disappeared. They heard no sound coming from the moving object.
However, the report about their sighting has no video or picture to support their claim.
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