Mysterious Devices Seen Inside Area 51

Rumors about aliens and UFOs being kept inside in Area 51 or Groom Lake in Nevada can still be heard and they are unlikely to stop unless the government makes the military site public.

The stringent security at Area 51 that anyone who tries to trespass, intentionally or unintentionally, could be killed only shows that there is something very important hidden inside the facility.

A man, who successfully broke into the security at the Area 51, posted images of what he described as suspicious equipment being installed in the area. While inside the area, this man spotted new but strange constructions that seem to appear like solar panels if pointed to the sky. What made this equipment much interesting are the attached devices that look like fire extinguishers.

This trespasser said that there were signs of cabling or trenching along a trail to one of the Bald Mountain Gates.

The devices have very thick cable, which imply that they are powering something that is really big because it seems to show that lots of power is required. This may add to speculations that Area 51 could be hiding something extraordinary. Whether the government is hiding extraterrestrials, dead alien bodies or crashed alien UFOs or not, there is only one thing may be true, and that could be something new to the human eyes.

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  1. so big deal,, they are doing research for military probally.. Doing things to keep America safe. Can we just walk into any military base anywhere? I dont think so. So why make this one open to the public..

  2. killed?? trespassers would be killed?! is that really true? kind of an extreme measurement for trespassing! maybe there are alien bodies there, and that's why aliens are showing up around there or on earth because they want to claim their dead!the attached fire extinguisher looking devices are probably a cover-up for something else, who knows!

  3. It looks like venting or a radiator to disperse heat from below? Not sure how you'd access the fire extinguisher if the structure overheated?

  4. I can NOT understand why any person should want to get into a top secret Government facility. What are you , terrorists from a foreign country?<br />Every country in the world has top secret establishments for the safety of that particular country and its citizens.Why should our country be different?<br />Top secret is TOP secret for our defense. Or should we just let any tourist, spy, terrorist

  5. I do not think there were any live aliens there after the initial crash. Think the gov. kept them there till they died. And have been reverse eng. the rest of the time. What they do and government operations, they can not be trusted.

  6. just because we see fire extinguishers does not mean that is what they are. they are master liars and slight of hand.

  7. Research site with strange gizmos (solar panels) in/on it. Be afraid, be very afraid.These guys are advanced enough to have solar power. Bet they got wind turbines decguised as industrial size lollypops. Trenches,subterrainian cables. Creepy. This comment sounds like bullshit? Sure does, similar to the &quot;Mystery Device&quot; story. Another slow day in teh world of ufology.

  8. Wait! So…. some dude spent a week in a gillie suit, low crawling across the desert floor, S &amp; pissing upon himself, managed to risk jail and/or death for ZT W O lousy photos? WTmotherF?!! I want my time back! Gimme my time back!!!! Security!!!!!!

  9. for one thing you can visit most military bases, and yes i do think death is a little extreme for tresspassing, i think mostly you will be arrested and fined,,,i heard a story of a man reaching over the border for a rock and he was arrested…what that object is i have no idea, but it might be there just for that reason, to keep us guessing

  10. For one thing, you can visit most military bases; but to be shot on site is a bit much, i heard a story of a man who reached over the border for a rock to take home and he was swarmed by security and what that object is i have no idea …i&#39;m out in vegas now, i think i&#39;ll take a ride out to rachel and see if anyone knows about this

  11. These are solar panels to power some automatic cameras and movement detectors, the detectors are already gone, to many false alarms, but the cameras are still there as a cheaper form of prtection the the camo guys.

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