Daytime UFO filmed over Russia – June 2013

russia ufoThis daytime video of a bright craft with a flashing lights was allegedly recorded in the sky above Russia in early June 2013.

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  1. At exactly 45 seconds you can make out the exact model of the helicopter if you're good enough. Nothing special.

  2. I had seen this type of UFO, white, pink and blue light going around the perimeter of the white flying saucer, as it flew over head without a sound it had a black circle area with a triangle of 3 white lights.

  3. Not True !! i have seen many UFOs with flashing lights and one flashed several colors before it disappeared into thin air so i am positive it wasnt a helicopter.

  4. i'd like to say a helicopter, but the pixels getting in the way are so bad it's hard to determine. yes i think it's a hovering helicopter slowly making it's way.

  5. I noticed the white blinking light was flashing at an interval of exactly one second between flashes. (I may not believe that was E.T. trying to phone home.) Thanks for that amazing video! I liked it.

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