Interesting UFO activity over Pennsylvania 4-Jun-2013

pennsylvania ufo

UFO sightings – Amazing footage of an unidentified flying object that bursts into 5 separate orbs. This was recorded in the sky above Pennsylvania on 4th June 2013.

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  1. They can be invisible, so the only reason they are putting on a show is so someone will stare at it. As one abductee said he heard, "keep looking at us and hold still." Right cool video, though.

  2. IMPO helium balloon with a small battery powered led light put inside. I have seen this done before and this is exactly what it looked like. Doing this is cheaper than Chinese lanterns and lasts much longer you can even buy lights that strobe or lights that burn constant…you can buy the tiny led lights in bulk on the internet cheap and light up any color balloon you like then fill with helium

    • what about the 4 things that come out of it?? i have never heard or seen that type of balloon before. people will go to extreme lengths to post a fake ufo video. it is up to the owners of this site to watch and determine that and to weed out the obviously fake videos, which they sometimes fail to do. i think that they basically do a pretty good editing job.

  3. a simply astonishing film! what happened to that first one, the one that spawned the other 4? did it get out of views from the others?

  4. Ok…After spending some time watching this clip I feel that these are not balloons for they would not move in such a organized fasion and they would have ascended in a much more rapid rate. Note the first orb is swinging a very long pendulum device that sways strongly from side to side while keeping stationary until the other orbs are ejected then the pendulum seems to hang naturally then

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