Huge unidentified flying object hovering above New Orleans, Louisiana 7-Jun-2013

UFO sightings – This bright UFO or orbs was hovering in the sky above New Orleans, a major United States port and the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana. Recorded on Friday, 7th June 2013.

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  1. notice the camera movement. When the camera jiggles the object moves differently from the clouds behind it. Since its camera movement, they should both move together exactly the same. This is a fake. The ufo has been superimposed over a video of the sky.

  2. Actually the object jiggle is a common symptom of having multiple pieces of glass inside of a camera, which is what happens when you have an optical zoom. The jiggle moves in the front lens before it moves in the back lens, so it looks like it&#39;s moving separately.<br /><br />However, the object is not at all unusual. The fact that there is no flash, and absolutely no movement other than a

  3. yeah i noticed the camara movement too, but that could be caused by a slow processor in the camera or somehting…<br />What erks me is why the video is only 1:26 long and happens to be the ONLY capture of this supposedly bright craft over very populated area.<br />FINALLY we get someone that has a tripod, but too good to be true, isn&#39;t it. Give us a video of this object&#39;s existance from

  4. Wow so many experts I saw the same exact UFO.The one I saw was moving over Lancaster CA. headed towards Edwards Air Force bace. If you all know so much maybe you can find out what they say it is.

  5. I saw a very similar light the other night, it was at dusk and there we no clouds or other visible stars. I was on a motorcycle ride so all I had was my phone. I really thought I was on to something, tried to get my phone to focus and zoom in, tried different exposures and settings. When I got home and checked the star charts, yup, it was Venus. Usually I only see Venus when it&#39;s in the

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