Self-Proclaimed Former CIA Official Reveals Seeing UFOs and Live Extra-Terrestrials Inside Area 51

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, which happened on May 3, 2013 at the National Press Club in Washington, featured a video testimony by self-proclaimed former official in the CIA. The one who did the interview was historian and UFO author Richard Dolan.

The video shows the interviewer and a senior citizen who wish to be unknown except for the information about his former work. The anonymous man in the video claims that he had knowledge about one of the USAF’s official studies of UFOs, the Project Blue Book. He discloses that the project is partially fraud.

When Dolan clarifies about the interviewee’s depiction of the Project Blue Book, he answers that some of the project’s cases were totally fictitious. He continues by disclosing that he saw many alien spacecraft inside Area 51, including the one that crashed in Roswell, Mexico. He adds that he also saw live extraterrestrials.

The anonymous man explains how he saw those things. He alleges that he and his CIA superior were given access inside the highly guarded Area 51 in Nevada after an invasion threat from then President Dwight Eisenhower. Their mission inside the facility was to gather intel and report it to the president. He says that the live extraterrestrials were inside the S-4 facility, located at the southwest part of Area 51.

It was made known during the hearing that certain part of the video was edited in order to protect the interviewee.

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  1. One: this site is getting cluttered with to much stuff to be a clear and interesting place to visit. My opinion!<br />Two: There were &quot;Big/Little Books: Buck Rogers, Flash Gorden, etc., and I remember the origional radio program &quot;Martian Invasion&quot; presentation . Reading SyFi books and especially the Shaver Series it was difficult not to pay attention to the report of

    • Your right nothing of real importants now days, lights in the sky,crop circles ect. in the 50s 60s and 70s there was some photos and stories that were alot more real like, made you think what the hell is going on here, today black ops, aliens working with us, people like in this video saying things that sounds like BS and having done all this for years and not one photo just a story- COME ON-no

  2. Dolan is a gifted writer and researcher. His two volumes on &quot;UFOs and the National Security State&quot; are unequaled. Lately, however, he has really gotten into the whole &quot;we need disclosure&quot; thing. We don&#39;t need disclosure. These creatures see us and value us about the way we do squirrels and rabbits. The end won&#39;t be good. As long as there is no disclosure, they can

    • We DO need disclosure and you DON`T know what any extra terrestrial life thinks about us , it`s pure speculation. As for Steven Hawking ? He`s pretty stupid for a smart guy after making that comment and MANY people feel that way.. Time to come out of the stone age and stop being a caveman

  3. I think tis guyis legt, but you&#39;v had thi o before, I&#39;ve seen thi omewhee eore I it wasn&#39;t you..bob lazar worke in s-4, he tells the same story

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