Wiltshire, UK crop circles: Silbury Hill near Avebury 25-Jun-2013

This interesting crop circle formation was reported from Silbury Hill nr Avebury in Wiltshire, United Kingdom on Saturday, 25th June 2013.
What do you think about this one? Man made or something more mysterious?

Your opinion?
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  1. It's well done as a fake, but it lacks the precision and clarity of real crop circles. The geometric shapes aren't exactly the same in shape, and those spikes coming out of the circle look pretty amateurish.

    • I agree, when you see a real crop circle you know it, the precision is absolutely amazing as if each stalk was carefully laid down in a weave, much more advanced than what we see here. The music is misleading and unnecessary, not to mention a little melodramatic for a man made attempt.

  2. They either have a crop circle school somewhere in Wiltshire, UK, or ????? There is a resemblance of an hour glass in the center of the circle.

  3. Sandy, those amateurish spikes radiating outside the circle are the first things I noticed too. Looks man made. Hoax.

  4. from the crop circles i've studied and seen in books this one looks kind of "messy" and not precise like other circles. that's not to say it still isn't alien. but what man would think of making this up? and what for?

    • Many people have too much time on their hands, along with a big imagination, it wouldn't take long to design and plan these man made circles, especially when you want to fool everyone for your own pleasure. This is obviously one of those, nice try but no cigar.

    • The message these hoaxers are trying to convey in order to look legitimate is that time's running out. I'm not buying it. Yes time may be running out for our race, but this is not an alien message, I'm thinking locals.

  5. I thought that the stocks were always bent in a way so as not to interfere with the growth and harvest of the grain, so what's up with analyzing this drunk ET's work less the field and stocks have been looked at, like their is always electromagnetic particles left behind as well right? Wiltshire have moonshine stills?

    • There are some hoaxers who go through great lengths to make it as realistic as possible, they spray electromagnetic material around the site, but some of these circles I believe to be the real thing, actual messages from an Extraterrestrial race, and there are properties that can not be reproduced, and aspects that we just can't duplicate.

  6. The spikes coming out the sides are ogham medieval Celtic alphabet translated it could be read as arise. Bit strange ogham alphabet would be used for an English word.

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