Discovery Of Crop Circles Through Historical Data and Modern Technology

Finding crop circles dating back 1945 is a heck of a task but Greg Jefferys, archaeologist from Tasmania, somehow managed to do it with the help of historical records and modern technology. He suggested that the presence of crop circles since 1945 is a proof that the mysterious event is not a modern hoax.

The secret behind the creation of crop circles was supposedly solved after the two self-proclaimed hoaxers revealed how they did such amazing formations. They did a demonstration in making a crop circle by using planks of wood, barrels and a lot of time. Mischief-makers Dave Chorley and Doug Bower came forward in 1991 to tell that they had been doing crop circles since 1978.

However, research by Greg Jefferys revealed evidence of crop circles in the English countryside at least 33 years before the start of the year in which Chorley and Bower took credit. Jefferys got interested about the phenomena when he read the 1880 edition of journal Nature about crop circles.

Jefferys used aerial photographs, mostly from Google Earth 1945 overlay for his crop circle research. He discovered that there was a constant number of circles forming each summer for at least the last 70 years. He concluded that these circles can’t be explained by any hoax theories. His findings remove the validity about the claims made by the two hoaxers and make crop circles still an unsolved mystery. Jefferys pointed out that this mysterious crop circle phenomenon deserves further investigations by research organisations and academic institutions.

Crop circles are certainly not a modern phenomenon based on historical data. The first known written account about crop circle was on August 8, 1950 and published in “The Natural History of Stafford-Shire” in 1686.

There was a report in 1678 about a farmer who believed that a devilish entity trampled the crops down in a circle. This case is now popularly known as “Mowing Devil.” Moreover, green circles in a grass that were spotted by a school teacher in 1633 was mentioned in “Natural History” of John Aubrey. In these times, such mysterious formations were attributed to devil, fairies and other supernatural phenomena.

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  1. crop circles are a really tricky subject. It has been proven that a human being can EASILLY make a crop circle with a little geometry. There is even a company that makes circles called Circle Makers, and they have done very elaborate circles that people have thought only to be possibly made by superior beings. Most manmade circles had alien believers convinced that the circles were made by

  2. Regarding the ancient crop circle accounts, there could be natural explanations for some of them, such as moulds, mushrooms, etc. In the absence of photographic verification it is difficult to say exactly what people in the 17th Century were observing. <br /><br />One possible explanation I have considered involves the presence in our immediate vicinity, orbiting the Earth, of a robotic probe,

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