Strange UFO recorded next to the Sun – 2013

Incredible object caught by Soho (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory), which clearly shows an object, saucer shaped materilise next to the Sun. Object is very well defined and clearly has ridges or grooves around its exterior. This is not dust, the right side of the object seems to be reflecting the sun rays also, dust is not reflective or as defined as this.

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  1. I could do without the dramatic psychological music.Must be some tough material not to melt,or is it a thermal, lenticular solar cloud?

  2. Okay, look. Isn&#39;t it VERY HOT that close to the sun? Wouldn&#39;t metal melt?<br /><br />And doesn&#39;t THE SUN have immense gravity to pull stuff into it?

    • You have to take into account the incredible technology a race of beings that can travel through space has to have. They probably long ago developed a material that can withstand that kind of heat, I&#39;m sure it&#39;s something we have no clue about, it certainly can&#39;t be any metal we&#39;ve ever seen, or maybe it&#39;s not even a metal. This may be the way they fuel their ships, just stop

    • I tend to agree as we&#39;ve seen UFOs hovering over bodies of water and nuclear power plants, during storms and drawing energy from sources of radiation such as our sun. It&#39;s very possible that this is how they fuel their crafts. The problem is that too many skeptics seem to think that space travel isn&#39;t possible unless there&#39;s a fuel supply available to them like the kind that

  3. I believe that if we&#39;re dealing with alien technology, they&#39;re capable of resisting heat and gravity unlike our limited notions of science and technology. This looks very odd, but it will be explained away as a figment of our imaginations.

  4. Liked the video. I want to see and hear about the size of this anomaly. Would it be the size of our moon? Literally? Have we ever detected a magnetic wave with gas that would take that shape? (All questions. No answers. Oh, I always wanted to help a civilization that couldn&#39;t live on their planet anymore. It might be us in 50 years.) Be well! Keep looking up. Now tell me again, how does the

  5. IF there were technology hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us, perhaps even millions of years ahead of us, don&#39;t you think it&#39;s possible for them to have designed something that could get near the sun? I think there is always a possibility but I think a &#39;gas bubble&#39; is much more likely.

  6. think a little…what ? it&#39;s 100x Jupiter?…1k times like Earth?…what size u think (or know) Sun are?!<br />

  7. maybe a silly expanation but looking closely at underside of so called craft i thought it looked like an image of our lady or christ ? have a closer look see if you can see this image im not a holy roller thats wwhat i seen in middle of craft underside .

  8. out of all the things that have appeared next to the sun, this video is the weirdest one! but what&#39;s that other similar round object to the lower right, even closer to the sun?

  9. There are a whole bunch bunch of these irregular &quot;blobs&quot; on this image. They&#39;re processing faults. They occur on a regular basis on this particular camera, and don&#39;t show up on others.<br />Sorry to be a party pooper but it isn&#39;t the Death Star.

  10. guys, try be logic please, even building something so huge doesn&#39;t make any sense, other civilizations didn&#39;t get millions years ahead just to act anything that size sure should have been detected in many other videos by satellites..that is an anomaly in the camera and/or the processing, just check for example what newton rings are..cheers

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