Triangular UFO flying over Berlin, New Hampshire 25-Aug-2013

UFO videos – New interesting footage of an unknown lights in triangle formation flying above Berlin in New Hampshire. This was taken on Sunday, 25th August 2013.

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  1. jody turn plug off there was 3 now there is one now paul they all faded oh my god really do we need too hear their conversations thats weird enuff lol good video apart from drama was genuine ufos .

  2. I am hoping that an event comes along, that makes any type of denial impossible & where even the hardline skeptics are left scratching their heads & muttering under their breath…."I don't freaking believe it, yet there it is!" Proof Positive, no more B.S., weather balloons, swamp gas, optical illusions or over excited imaginations!

  3. this was a really bad video. for all we know you are recording some neon lights from something. just because there's audio like this means nothing.

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