Turkish Media Airs Television Reports Of A UFO Above Turkey

A Turkish media featured television reports this week of unidentified flying object above Teknopark, the country’s largest information technology services park. It is thought that the sightings happened in July 2013.The reports took notice on unnatural activity of dogs on the side of street during the sighting. It is believed that they were extremely agitated.

A witness was quoted on UFO Sightings Hotspot saying that he went outside at 6 o’clock because he was wondering why dogs were strangely barking. As he looked up on the sky, he spotted a disc-shape object. He used his mobile phone to take a photo of the UFO. He wanted to take another shot but it already disappeared.

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  1. He said he was wondering why the dogs were agitated and running around, then barking towards the sky. That's why he looked up and managed to snap a shot of the strange object before it disappeared. He said it was a UFO and he didn't know if it was from another planet or not but it disappeared quickly, and he is convinced that something strange is going on.

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