UFO activity over Fresno, California 26-Sep-2013

Latest UFO sightings – New video of a strange unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above Fresno in California. This was taken on Thursday, 26th September 2013.
Witness report: 2pm 9/26/13 windy clear day. object very high shinny bright changing shape. first appeared from western direction very slow very high. object is still being seen now! camera sony trv-103 with manual focus and 3x zoom lens attached. around 60x zoom, heading east very slow despite high winds too many witnesses to count

Author (UfosAreRealFresno @ youtube)

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  1. Really? Why do you even make an effort to post it here??? We are not dumb, thank you. We take this stuff serious, so an obvious high-altitude balloon video is just an insult. If YOU think it is E.T., well, you better put the pipe down, buddy, you had enough for today. lol

  2. I saw the same thing last night in temecula..! I tried recording but it just didn't capture what I saw! Not even close!!! even through binoculars… We couldn't figure it out! For sure not a weather balloon or lantern. It was windy night and it moved in a straight path… First time I see something like this…

  3. not so obvious of a weather balloon AT all. it was in the same general location for over 2 hours in high winds. some people just dont get it or read descriptions or care.No way to prove what it was in any case. people can just say and think what they want. its only words , not facts

  4. it seems to be a split choice. like 50% say balloon others dont. and im not going by the few people on here that wrote. some are just shills.i was windy that day and this did stay in the same spot for around 3 hours. thats all that needs to be said…. by do dos

  5. I AM SAYING UFO. just for the shills out there. it sort of looks like A ballon but then again sort of not. its NOT an obvious balloon in any case. and does anyone bother to ask questions or read DESCRIPTION now a days? people are lazy and most have a one track mind. and will NOT open there mind up to anything new or anything they dont understand. people have there mind made up before they even

  6. ITS great to put on any videos that look kind of odd and that could be a UFO. it teaches us to keep an open mind. never mind negative people or people that just say balloon or UFO. go out and see for yourself some time! the things that you dont know and what is really going on will blow yer minds. we do not know jack crap about ufos and what they are and where they came from or even much what

  7. THE TOPIC OF UFOS A TRACKED SHILLS and jealous people. and most people have no clue whats going on in our sky and they have closed minds. so just keep talking people. cause they are only words , not facts

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