UFO Hotspots In The US

Lone-Star State is a UFO hotspot, wrote James Ragland for the Morning News.

MUFON spokesman cited a reason for this saying that several airports, military bases and large population of the area contributed to it. Most reported sightings can be attributed to terrestrial origins, added Marsh. But Marsh also noted that there’s a percentage that still not known.

Based on the data released by MUFON, 7,182 UFO sightings were reported to the UFO network across the US last year. The number is 27 percent more of reported sightings in 2011. California has most sightings and followed by Texas.

The UFO sighting investigators at MUFON were made up of scientists with degrees in electrical engineering, physics, chemistry and geology. The team of investigators was formed last year to investigate the most mysterious UFO sightings that got their attention.

Morning News reported that the stereotyping of people who are into UFO investigations as crazy force even credentialed people not to divulge their names.

Robert Powell, director of the MUFON review board, said that it could actually destroy their career, according to the Morning News.

Powell added that this “crazy” perception also prevents people from reporting their unusual sightings.

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  1. Texas & California, that is because they are very big states and more people have the chance to see them as they are exposed to more humans. Take two or three state and compare the sightings and bet they are close or the same.

  2. This will take a bit cuz this shit kills me every time I read this stuff. There are a certain group of people who will always tell you it's swamp gas,Venus,a blimp,balloon,airplane. This is called the party line. Only if you have the reasoning skills to see for yourself. Not every pic online is u.f.o. Not even half but I'm sure there are something's that just don't belong. Let me

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