VIDEO: Strange lights hovering above Germany – 20123

This interesting footage of a strange lights hovering in the sky was probably recorded in Germany sometime this year.

If you have any more info about this video, please leave a comment!

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  1. Wow, there's just so many videos with so many people saying its fake. I've had sightings also that were round orange spheres also. Those made me a believer, they showed movement, disappeared and reappeared. Left my wife and I mouths open. Actually, she was the first to see them while we were having a conversation. When all of a sudden she stopped talking and were gazing at something

  2. Well, well… what a suprise that the video ended way before the AIRPLANES got closer and flew overhead. Those 3 lights you see are called LANDING LIGHTS. Why do they hover ?? Because they are flying AT you. Yes it may seem odd that they are stacked but German pilots can be nutty sometimes…. but how do I know you just didn't take ONE plane on approach to the airport and copy it 2 more

  3. I've been interested in UFO's for over 50 years. I've come to a few conclusions. One of which is; 95+% of people hav'nt a clue about what they are looking at. I've seen so many photos/videos on various sites that reflect my view. Today there are so much air/sat/space junk traffic there's no telling what being viewed. Sorry folks "lights in the sky", don't cut

  4. Those are the lights from a nearby stadium. Apparently they only turned the lights on on one tower. If they had lit up the other light towers it would have been obvious.

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